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Ensure that quantitative data is on hand, and do not lose heart if thinkers do not appear to be extremely enthusiastic about the plan on the surface.
So we've done the same thing with The Thinker here.
We lost more ground through that mistake than we were beaten by, and The Thinker came home with a stake hole in his chest from either that mistake or another at the second-last.
Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands: Thinkers of the New Left, by Roger Scruton.
The rundown of influential international thinkers highlights the efforts of "visionaries whose ideas are shaping our future" in science and technology.
The Festival of Thinkers and the special edition of the Education Without Borders, which will take place at the HCT Sharjah Women's College today, are part of the HCT's 25th anniversary celebrations.
namely the project of collective autonomy, in terms of his response to the 'where' and 'when' dimensions of the fundamental question for philosophy in the third and final section of our paper will argue that Castoriadis' acknowledgement of the retreat of the political project ultimately commits him to the view that the political retreat must be transformed into a philosophical retreat and this can be achieved when the retreat of the collective happens in the thinker, so to speak.
ExperiencePoint developed Design Thinker in collaboration with the innovation and design firm IDEO.
What makes this book 'wide-ranging' is the sweeping scope (from the late nineteenth century to the present) of Anglo Canadian thinkers that Francis investigates.
For Markus Fischer, who provides a prologue to the collection, as well as the authors of chapters on Machiavelli's influences on early modern political thought, Machiavelli is an original modern thinker whose work is best characterized as a repudiation of the classical ideal through a defense of fear, fraud, and calculated uses of political violence as laudable means to maintain political power as well as security as a prescribed end of political life.
One of black America's most recognizable citizens, the broadcaster, author and thinker shares his remarkable journey.
No serious thinker believes in progress anymore; only politicians do when they try to get votes, and claim that everything has to be progressing and expanding, getting bigger and bigger quantitatively through what is called development, meanwhile destroying the natural environment in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere.
Aliens, Leonard continues, "infuse fresh thinking and spur creative abrasion," and this book introduces "a particularly valuable kind of alien"--the Zero-Gravity Thinker.
That's a product of two things: Lombardi's general nature as an outside-the-box thinker and the three years he spent after being fired as GM of the San Jose Sharks, a period in which Lombardi worked as a scout and formulated and culled a plan for how he would run a NHL team if given another opportunity.
from philosophy to ideosophy; that is, from a study of reality outside the mind to a study of the reality within the thinker's mind; an ideosophy which, unfortunately, has been followed by so many thinkers down to our own century.