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an article in a newspaper or magazine or journal that represents opinions and ideas and discussion rather than bare facts

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Richard Neuhaus's The Chosen People in an Almost Chosen Nation (Eerdmans) is a collection of trenchant essays on Jews and Judaism written from diverse viewpoints, including what this reviewer found to be the most original think piece of the year, David Singer's "The Orthodox Jew as Intellectual Crank.
State of the Nation is a think piece, a high-level report on what Britain looks like,and the challenges and issues for the government.
DONNIE Darko manages to satisfy both as a teen horror movie complete with a doomed romance, and as a moody think piece about time travel, the universe and pre-destination.
But the hype machine came roaring back with the April cover story--a long, long, long think piece by the hip software genius Bill Joy, chief scientist at Sun Microsystems.
In the empiricist distinction he draws between 'think pieces' and 'empirical analysis, his comment is clearly a think piece.
So pick up a recent issue of your newsletter, magazine or corporate think piece and put it to the test -- it's time to get back in touch.
Publishers have reacted angrily to a JISC report that sharing research information via open access (OA) would save higher education millions, condemning it as "a think piece resting on a number of assumptions mostly derived from the authors' own estimates".
This latest just-style report is a think piece about the future of the apparel industry.
36 Views'' won't be to all tastes, but as a think piece it's got plenty of shades and layers.
This isn't going to be yet another think piece about football's new cred, its Nick Hornby-fied cool, or that the rise in its popularity is in direct correlation to the lowering of man's role in society.
the strings-kissed dance jam "Another Love" (featuring 21st century soul man Kenny Lattimore) and the cool club persuader "Out On the Floor" (featuring balladeer supreme Brian McKnight) to the slammin' attitude jam "Don't U Know Me By Now" (featuring powerhouse Faith Evans), a journey through the many moods of being entitled "That's Life" (featuring Earl Klugh who co-penned it along with fellow Detroit native Parker and Culbertson), a think piece on the meaning of it all titled "I Don't Know" (featuring spoken word enchantress Natalie Stewart of Floetry), and an all-out Go-Go party jam titled "Feelin' It" (featuring the man who put Washington, D.
I'd like to note that the commentaries all ran in print issues before they went online, giving you subscribers the first chance to read these think pieces.
Included in the report are expert think pieces, which highlight challenges and opportunities for the region in four key domains: mobility, social inclusion, sustainable cities and finance.