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I think of people more kindly when I am away from them"; adding cynically, "God knows; perhaps we will shake down together some day, for weariness; thousands have done it
I spend a lot of time trying to think of clever tides, which sometimes are the only things people remember about the nice article you publish, and Liberation Biology is a very smart tide.
One thing I can think of that was pretty good timing was when you got on Zero.
When we speak of concentration, we usually think of it in terms of what we must exclude from our thoughts: "I must not listen to the man coughing in the fourth row.
Can one think of 10 or 20 of those things and even if we can't think of them now, is that the right way to go?
Baraka: I mean that's the only way I think of writing.
BN: You've referred to the vampires as non-sexually reproducing--they simply overtake other bodies--which made me think of the picture in terms of the end of sexuality with the onset of AIDS.
I think of it as at home, for example, among members of my congregation in Aldersgate United Methodist Church, when we have to make decisions about our new pastor's housing and the like.
OMAR WASOW: I think one other [difference] between two years ago and now is that there was a moment in the dotcom hysteria when you could think of a really accessible, consumer-friendly idea and try to raise money around it.
Counselor: As you are feeling this hurt feeling in your heart, can you think of another rime you felt the same way?
Can you think of any bank writing to a customer, 'Gee, we saw you in the bank and we know you are a depositor, but, you know, we have this new system and we lost your account.
He also notes the individuality of student needs and consequent user behavior in relation to libraries and bemoans the fact that most librarians and academics, if they think of books and libraries in relation to students, generally concentrate on the issue of adding correct titles to the reserve collection.
reason: What do you think of the conservative argument that there really can't be morality without religious belief?