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"I think of people more kindly when I am away from them"; adding cynically, "God knows; perhaps we will shake down together some day, for weariness; thousands have done it!"
I just said to myself, 'Football at the University of Florida is great.' And I couldn't think of a better place to be then on Florida's football field on a September Saturday night watching them play.
I was totally blown away, 'cause I could think of 20 other people who I thought deserved it.
Let's call Craig Kauffman," who was the most nonpolitical person I could think of in Los Angeles, "and let's call Ed Kienholz, and see how they feel about some form of coordinated political activism." So I called Kauffman and he said, "Yeah, I would be interested in joining that," and we were stunned.
I spend a lot of time trying to think of clever tides, which sometimes are the only things people remember about the nice article you publish, and Liberation Biology is a very smart tide.
Wolin credits Plato with the discovery of "the political," that is, he taught those who would come after him to think of political society as a coherent and interconnected whole.
I had met Ellen about five years ago, and there was definitely a lot of chemistry between us, but I didn't allow myself to think of being with her just because of the place I was at.
When we speak of concentration, we usually think of it in terms of what we must exclude from our thoughts: "I must not listen to the man coughing in the fourth row." "I must not worry what my teacher may be thinking." "I must not wonder what is for dinner tonight." This is a losing battle because we cannot exclude thoughts from our mind without thinking about them.
So when you think of a large multilocation, very, very complex enterprise and you think about cascading that control requirement out through that organization, you can start to appreciate the significance of the effort that is required and the degree of difficulty of achieving consistency.
Nobody rewarded the tanker guys to think of new ways of doing this.
Can one think of 10 or 20 of those things and even if we can't think of them now, is that the right way to go?
The section on interpersonal conflict resolution asked the sixth graders to think of ways of defining and dealing with real conflicts that surface in their everyday lives.