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Synonyms for think






think about something or someone


think better of something


think much of or a lot of something or someone


think nothing of something: have no compunction about


  • have no compunction about
  • have no hesitation about
  • take in your stride

think nothing of something: consider unimportant


  • consider unimportant
  • set no store by
  • regard as routine

think something over


think something up

Synonyms for think

to use the powers of the mind, as in conceiving ideas, drawing inferences, and making judgments

to view in a certain way

to regard in an appraising way

to have an opinion

to renew an image or thought in the mind

think about: to care enough to keep (someone) in mind

think of: to receive (an idea) and take it into consideration


think of: to care enough to keep (someone) in mind

think up: to use ingenuity in making, developing, or achieving

Synonyms for think

an instance of deliberate thinking

expect, believe, or suppose

imagine or visualize

focus one's attention on a certain state

have in mind as a purpose

decide by pondering, reasoning, or reflecting


dispose the mind in a certain way

have or formulate in the mind

bring into a given condition by mental preoccupation

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Emerson told Mailsport: "People always concentrate on my problems but think little of what I must adapt to here.
Don't get me wrong, we do need to go through the everyday things but we can't ignore the big waves in life and think little waves are all there is.
I think little brown bats are drawn to the city in large numbers, and then find themselves having to compete harder to find the resources they need, ultimately to their detriment," he added.
However I think Little Josh, who won the Paddy Power there last month, will take the beating.
I'm sorry, but I think little girls should be encouraged to remain little girls for as long as possible, which means big safe knickers without sexual connotation.
Wouldn't you think little or nothing could surpass the views from the train as it runs past Bamburgh, Holy Island, and along the North East coast to Edinburgh?
While I believe regionalism is something we are moving toward, I don't think Little Rock is ready to lose its identity.
Evans explained ruefully: "I think Little Louis was made too much use of in the strong winds and the other outstayed him.
I think little kids ought to wake up on Christmas and get a bike,'' said Patric Hayes.
Blatter believes that many big clubs are motivated by greed and think little of risking their players' careers.
If we see them in the kitchen, many of us think little of killing them all.
The new look sees a pretty, folk edge that's all about washed-out denims and pale crochet dresses - think Little House on the Prairie with attitude.
It's amazing to think little Jack is just five yet he had the presence of mind to ring 999 and tell the operator his address so they could rush out and help his pain-stricken mum, who has spina bifida.
Think Little and Large only without the biting wit and razor-sharp humour.
Selling our best players must be coupled with wise investment and I think Little took his eye off the ball and rested his laurels on too many veteran players.