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Synonyms for think about

have on one's mind, think about actively

take into consideration, have in view

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I have to get myself in the right mindset to think about skating 'cause I'm in the Cayman Islands chilling.
It's important to think about all that in the context of contemporary protest and peace movements, which in a way haven't really gelled as much as they might have.
One way of thinking about the future is to obsessively try to live longer and think about how we can [improve] the world that we want to inhabit.
We have memorized the piece carefully and no longer have to think about the next note.
So when you think of a large multilocation, very, very complex enterprise and you think about cascading that control requirement out through that organization, you can start to appreciate the significance of the effort that is required and the degree of difficulty of achieving consistency.
The Air Force project that brought Megill and Balven together was directed to "align process change, investments in information technology, and change how people think about work in order to deliver transformational improvement in how the Air Force and the Department of Defense (DoD) acquire weapons systems."
And putting things together in new ways, as Jock mentioned, is a key to transforming the way we think about the way we do business.
When I think about it now, I had some ugly experiences in Philadelphia.
If you think about the way blades are architected and deployed, that's customer type.
Vygotsky also admired the way Marx analyzed economic and social change by looking at essential components, such as "value" and "capital." Vygotsky was not a political revolutionary, but he revolutionized psychological thought by challenging people to think about what the essential components of cognitive development were.
I think corporations are staffing to think about it.