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So, ten days later, having paid a small fortune in cabs, and a large fortune in repairs I drove out with a fresh thingummy and a spanking new fiddlebit.
Dex is currently working on a new communications thingummy linking all our computers through telephone lines.
I went to see my friend at the weekend, who lives on the south coast, and heard an advert for a tanning salon which said: "So next time you see someone looking healthy and attractive, you'll know they've been to the thingummy tanning place.
HAVING comprehensively burned my fingers up to the elbow predicting the outcome of the Bradford West result - which George Thingummy won - I'm not about to repeat the experience with yesterday's Eastleigh by-election.
Okay, it was courtesy of UEFA's Fair Play thingummy but thanks for teeing up what might be my first-ever trip to Khazakhstan.
And unlike Zara Thingummy, I don't have to wear a top hat and riding jacket with gold buttons.
Need a reminder and it'll replay it through the earpiece, avoiding embarrassment when it's time to say goodbye to thingummy.
An afternoon's channel- hopping wears out your fingers - not through pressing buttons, but by clicking your fingers together, saying: "Och, that's Thingummy who used to be in that programme .
The coat fitted nicely between a pink marshmallow number and a floor-length black thingummy that looked like something my grandmother would use to cover the spare toilet roll.