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So, ten days later, having paid a small fortune in cabs, and a large fortune in repairs I drove out with a fresh thingummy and a spanking new fiddlebit.
Expect to see him off of Sherlock Holmes, whojamaflip from those films about the speccy wizard kid and wassisname, you know, from thingummy among the star-studded turn out.
Coincidentally, the fella who used to run New Labour - Tony Thingummy - was in the region last week.
Dex is currently working on a new communications thingummy linking all our computers through telephone lines.
I went to see my friend at the weekend, who lives on the south coast, and heard an advert for a tanning salon which said: "So next time you see someone looking healthy and attractive, you'll know they've been to the thingummy tanning place..."
because it does give you a slight thingummy, you know, you're OK, you know there's somebody watching over you, you know what I mean.
HAVING comprehensively burned my fingers up to the elbow predicting the outcome of the Bradford West result - which George Thingummy won - I'm not about to repeat the experience with yesterday's Eastleigh by-election.
Okay, it was courtesy of UEFA's Fair Play thingummy but thanks for teeing up what might be my first-ever trip to Khazakhstan.
And unlike Zara Thingummy, I don't have to wear a top hat and riding jacket with gold buttons.
Need a reminder and it'll replay it through the earpiece, avoiding embarrassment when it's time to say goodbye to thingummy.
An afternoon's channel- hopping wears out your fingers - not through pressing buttons, but by clicking your fingers together, saying: "Och, that's Thingummy who used to be in that programme ...