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Caption: Figure 6 and front cover: From the book The Very Blue Thingamajig by Narelle Oliver Text and illustrations copyright [c] Narelle Oliver, 2003 First published by Omnibus Books, a division of Scholastic Australia Pty Limited, 2003 Reproduced by permission of Scholastic Australia Pty Limited
For example, the rules of means-plus-function claiming aside, a claim to any device that uses electromagnetism to communicate intelligible characters at a distance is not like a claim to a thingamajig. In fact, as the Supreme Court flatly stated in O'Reilly v.
BTP's designers have certainly de-cluttered and 'distressed' the old place to create a pleasant cafe/deli/diner/coffee shop/ ex-pub thingamajig. A classic Oddbite for short.
Lady, let me appear thus every seventeen years, my gown palatial, my gossamer gown all red stays on succulent green, reclining on my tummy elbow-up my two gigantic red-ball eyes looking aslant at the irrelevant giant with her thingamajig that flashes with so much uncertainty, the glass bead of my eye finding her too big a cloud to bother with.
The researchers did note, in addition to favorable outcomes, that dial testing (at times referred to as "squiggles" or "CNN's Thingamajig") was sometimes viewed negatively.
"It's not exactly a thingamabob," I said, "more of a thingamajig."
No matter what his mother tries to lock him into -- buttons, bows, strings, zippers, or "the thingamajig that Johnny rips with that lovely tearing sound," he simply refuses to stay clothed.
And at least you had an idea of why his friend Attilio Rossi, the artist and boss at Losada, put that circle with the shining rays on top of the Aleph thingamajig in his illustration for the cover.
When I find out that a new thingamajig exists, I get really excited and go off to a shop and bombard the salesman with questions, while my son rolls his eyes in exasperation.
They may buy the latest thingamajig for their personal enjoyment, but when it comes to technology for their business they're all business.
By far the most common placeholder identified in COLT is thing(s), followed by thingy/thingie, whatist and thingamajig. The forms thingummybob, thingybob and whatsisname are only found once each in this corpus.
IFRS demands that you book that as a "residual margin." Bits of it are then charged against vector thingamajig in each of the 20 years.
Not another 600- word whatchamacallit on that thingamajig called iPhone 4.
As for the body: Standard sedan or a new quasi-hatchback thingamajig termed the Gran Turismo?
Or the Flea-flkker Thingamajig. But that's what he called some of the lures in his tackle box.