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As Korzybski and others have pointed out, despite what our language seems to suggest to us, the qualities apparently do not really belong to the object; they belong, rather, to the observer, most obviously with "beautiful" (clearly an evaluation, and thus having its existence inside the observer's head or mind (11)), perhaps less obviously with "green." (12) And though our language implies, through its structures (for example, the one in which we say that object X "is," or even "has," quality Y, as in "that thingamabob is, like, chartreuse"), something about the territory, we have no assurance that the territory (the world that purportedly exists outside of the mind) has a similar structure.
Il Sung Na's THE THINGAMABOB (9780375861062, $15.99) tells of a curious elephant who finds a curious red object, and who investigates its origins.
The job requires no more in the way of tools than a hacksaw, pocketknife and some sort of measuring thingamabob. The material requirements are pretty simple too.
Homer's use of the -ma- infix may also be related to the -ma- in whatchamacallit, thingamabob, thingamajig, thingumajog, and gigamaree.
The pair, fresh from stints on Greg the Bunny and Crank Yankers, have invited reps from every cartoon cliche to live in their animated house, including an action star (Captain Hero), a fairy tale princess (Clara), an anime thingamabob (Ling-Ling), and a Betty Boop-like black-and-white character from the 1920s (Toot Braunstein).
Doodahs is a name similar to "whatchamacallit" or "thingamabob," Frances said, and is most suitable for the whimsical jewelry.
Godzilla briefly disappears after being zapped by the extraterrestrial thingamabob. (Has he checked into a hotel under an assumed name?
The new BuckTool crams a garageful of gadgets into one handy fold-up thingamabob. In addition to a can opener, it's got pliers that tweeze and pinch, blades that saw and slice, and an assortment of screwdrivers, including two Phillips and three regular.
Removing the inside panel of the door and putting a thingamabob back on the doohickey came to $24.10.
Now, with the advent of smartphones and various apps to aid our routines, a life without this thingamabob is out of question.
"You mean the thingamabob the dental hygienist gave you last fall?
IT appears there's some sort of fashion thingamabob going down in Birmingham this weekend.
We believe a sight or a fancy thingamabob added to the weapons systems will be a cure-all.
In the game press (tilde) to bring up the console and then type: 'thingamabob'.