thin air

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nowhere to be found in a giant void

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Easily, with a few convulsive quirks, they give up their watery ghosts, like a mortal translated before his time to the thin air of heaven.
This continued for a few minutes, and then everything vanished into thin air, and Iwanich found himself suddenly alone upon a desolate heath covered with rocks and stones.
He evaded a sentinel, passed the out-guard and support, and by devious ways came again to Colonel Capell's headquarters, where he appeared before the officers gathered there as a disembodied spirit materializing out of thin air.
Now and then, perchance, comes in a seer, before whose sadly gifted eye the whole structure melts into thin air, leaving only the hidden nook, the bolted closet, with the cobwebs festooned over its forgotten door, or the deadly hole under the pavement, and the decaying corpse within.
And now Buto was upon him, the massive head lowered and the long, heavy horn inclined for the frightful work for which nature had designed it; but as he struck upward, his weapon raked only thin air, for the ape-man had sprung lightly aloft with a catlike leap that carried him above the threatening horn to the broad back of the rhinoceros.
He cannot melt into thin air nor disappear through cracks or chinks or crannies.
Perhaps the whole visible world rests on it, and if they were one, life itself, like the spirits when Prospero was reconciled to his brother, might vanish into air, into thin air.
She looks at you as if you were so much thin air, and cares for you about as much.
These four forward-looking individuals are among a mere handful of MPs - Austin Mitchell is another - who actually understand that 97% of the purchasing power in circulation is not created by any public agency (ie, the Treasury, the Bank of England), but must be conjured up out of thin air in the form of 'loans' from the highstreet banks to their customers disappearing back into thin air as those loans are repaid.
Print is dead, long live print' is the proud declaration on page three of The Thin Air, a brand new music magazine that launched in Belfast last weekend.
This week we asked the best-selling author about the settings and storylines in her latest novels, Harbour Street (Vera Stanhope) and Thin Air (Jimmy Perez, Shetland series).
Finally, MasterCard has asked the court to throw out the retailers' request for billions of dollars in damages, "because it is spun from thin air, and not based on any facts, let alone marketplace reality," according to Hanft.
We are asked to take several leaps of faith, both personal and professional: that a buzz-generating Hollywood film could spring almost literally from thin air and that a mismatched couple could still end up together after they've slept together in practically the film's first scene.
The liabilities are disappearing into thin air, and nobody's capturing them.
Pompei was the first in the world to develop the mathematics and advanced engineering that allowed sound to be created literally from thin air with sound quality and reliability rivaling traditional loudspeakers.