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a swindling sleight-of-hand game


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Most surprising to Fleming was the hero, who turned out to be extremely unlikely - a con-artist groundhog named Thimblerig. In the novel, the groundhog is not only in danger of being washed away by the flood, but he's also in danger of losing his soul because of his lack of concern for the animals of the forest.
Nate Fleming's middle grade fantasy, "Thimblerig's Ark," is available exclusively for Amazon's Kindle.
Poe was neither the first nor the last author to make figurative use of thimblerig. In the opening chapter of 'Catherine', which had appeared the year before 'The Man of the Crowd', William Makepeace Thackeray uses the term figuratively as he pondered how fictional characters should behave:
Despite what Thackeray said, Poe does indeed perform a thimblerig with virtue and vice in 'The Man of the Crowd'.
encountered a Mississippi gambler, Thimblerig, who "had luckily
sleight-of-hand gentry." Thimblerig resolved to reform, followed
Strong Thimblerig Jeffrey Blair Cornell Captain Chase Ray Dooley Jeb Adam Sheaffer Jimbo James Kalagher Annie Jamie Rose Stableboy David Doll A play about Davy Crockett ought to be more about the renowned frontiersman, politician and tale teller than those who followed the magnetic icon on the trail to Texas.