thigh boot

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a very high boot


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Wearing a black micro-skirt, thigh boots and a tight striped vest, she left little to the imagination and even flashed her patterned pants to the crowd.
A dominatrix (that's an evil looking woman clad in leather thigh boots and carrying a big whip, in case you didn't know) strode up and down behind people doing aerobics, while being coached by an S&M fitness instructor.
With hooded sou'wester And thigh boots akin Still saltwater soaked, Right through to the skin.
Kylie, 42, sauntered on to the stage midway through the New Yorkers' set dressed in a pair of sexy thigh boots with mirror detail, a lacy basque and a Batman-inspired cape.
His staple looks were thigh boots, corset dresses, bondage straps and goat hair coats.
The models wore just leather thigh boots and a saucy wink for the naked mag shoot.
Sophie's thigh boots came complete with red roses and some seriously high heels.
His current autumn/winter couture line featured South American gauchos to Scarlet Pimpernels with capes, cloaks, blankets, wraps, stoles, togas, serapes, flings and scarves in fringed suede and shot taffeta, all teamed with swashbuckling thigh boots and extravagant hats.
If the designers have their way next season, we could end up looking like extras from Bar-barella or The Matrix, with thigh boots, chain mail and tight vests being the wardrobe of choice.
Powers inevitably falls in love with foxy Felicity, a lady certain to get any guy's mojo going, in her suede thigh boots and tight hot-pants.
Instead of waterproofs and thigh boots, wildfowlers will be in their shorts.
Reinvention looks set to be a spectacular: dancers galore, costume changes, corsets and thigh boots, wigs, impossible physical contortions, and of course some music.
Three years earlier a shop girl claimed she stripped to her red thigh boots for a romp with Jimmi - who later denied it.
But there was still a little playful aggression, with dominatrix-like thigh boots and a quirky take on the popular asymmetrical skirt, covering just one thigh and leaving both bottom and breasts bare.
John Galliano, for Dior, was up to his usual tricks, having a laugh at well-bred chic, giving scarf prints, woven logos and gilt chain belts a street-style freshen-up with tight-cut denim, stiletto thigh boots and lace-up corsets.