thigh boot

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a very high boot


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She also wears a series of Barbarella-style outfits and leather thigh boots in the video for the single from her Sasha Fierce album.
Predicted to be a big seller this season and costing pounds 1,445 were a pair of Louboutin black thigh boots, complete with trademark red soles.
HAVING given themselves a near-enough impossible act to follow when they elected to share their Glastonbury spotlight with Kylie's hot pants and thigh boots, Scissor Sisters have confirmed the details of a full-scale UK tour that kicks off at Birmingham's LG Arena on December 3.
Murdoch gets paid for all his children." Whatever their ethical implications, partnerships of this kind are the corporate equivalent of thigh boots: tempting but difficult to pull off.
Mariana opened the second half as a cabaret singer, dressed attractively in a short skirt, tight sweater and black thigh boots. She sang a rock ballad with a refrain which included the fines "What I am to you is not real" and "You do not need me," which showed this Mariana to be a Shakespearean Gloria Gaynor or Alanis Morissette.
Fashion student Maria Grzywacz will model a skirt, top, thigh boots and umbrella covered in sweet wrappers from Joseph Dobson and Son Ltd, of Elland.
Wearing a black micro-skirt, thigh boots and a tight striped vest, she left little to the imagination and even flashed her patterned pants to the crowd.
And while wandering, I spied Mike, who was so astounded to see me (in that setting, of course, and also perhaps in thigh boots) that he was rendered momentarily speechless.
With hooded sou'wester And thigh boots akin Still saltwater soaked, Right through to the skin.
Kylie, 42, sauntered on to the stage midway through the New Yorkers' set dressed in a pair of sexy thigh boots with mirror detail, a lacy basque and a Batman-inspired cape.
The models wore just leather thigh boots and a saucy wink for the naked mag shoot.
The more explicitly S&M "Women in Cages" (1971) seems transparently designed to afford a pretext for Grief in thigh boots to crack her whip.
His current autumn/winter couture line featured South American gauchos to Scarlet Pimpernels with capes, cloaks, blankets, wraps, stoles, togas, serapes, flings and scarves in fringed suede and shot taffeta, all teamed with swashbuckling thigh boots and extravagant hats.
If the designers have their way next season, we could end up looking like extras from Bar-barella or The Matrix, with thigh boots, chain mail and tight vests being the wardrobe of choice.