thickly settled

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densely populated


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So it behooves the inexperienced prospector to choose a "good" colony -- one not too thinly or thickly settled, and one exuding a particularly confident tone of chatter.
It's a good feeling knowing I will only have to deal with murders, fires, armed robbers and large mammals running amok in thickly settled neighborhoods.
The dam holds back water above a thickly settled neighborhood.
She said the thickly settled area has needed a playground since the city had to remove some of the equipment in the Johnson Street Playground.
As local bear numbers expand, their shy and nearly invisible population is pressured to seek new territories in many areas now thickly settled with people.
The area is not posted, but investigators said the "presumptive speed due to the thickly settled area" is 30 mph, court records said.
He was walking down Day Street, a thickly settled street crowded with children, according to prosecutors, and "brazenly displayed a firearm and shot the firearm in the air several times."
SOUTHBRIDGE - State environmental police shot and killed a moose in a thickly settled area off Route 169 yesterday morning, according to Reginald Zimmerman, spokesman for the state Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.
It is 2,000 feet from the nearest residence, reducing the types of problems faced in building turbines in more thickly settled areas.
According to his report, police had the vehicle traveling at 48 mph seconds before the crash, in a thickly settled stretch of New West Townsend Road that is posted at 30 mph.
If a child had wandered into the one-way street from between parked cars in the thickly settled neighborhood, a vehicle traveling the 30 mph speed limit likely wouldn't have been able to stop, the report said.