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Whoever had painted the mural was either thickheaded or perverse: dominating the scene was an image of Captain Hook.
Things get complex when one of Linda's dates turns out to be equally thickheaded Harry (Clooney), who in turn also happens to be having an affair with Katie (Tilda Swinton at her ice-maiden best), the wife of the guy who wrote the memoir.
In another dissent, he said: "I do not know whether it is the view of the Court that a judge must be thick-skinned or just thickheaded, but nothing in my experience or observation confirms the idea that he is insensitive to publicity.
Prosecutors said a Central Intelligence Organisation agent overhead Arnold Bunya, 29, telling his brother during the argument, 'Do not be thickheaded like Mugabe.
From the perspective of the supplier managers ,these men are enigmas, their views obtuse, thickheaded and naive.