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any material used to thicken


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STIND100L3 - SimplyThick EasyMix Gel Thickener 12g Individual Packets -100 count-Honey (IDDSI Level 3)
To achieve the desired design throughput, engineers decided to upgrade the existing tailings washing stream, a counter current decantation (CCD) circuit, by adding CCD thickeners as fourth and fifth stages to improve the recovery of the dissolved metals and reduce the cyanide content in the feed to the detox stage, thus increasing metal revenue and decreasing operating costs for the plant.
Three experiments were performed to assess the viscosity and the effect of time after the addition of a thickener.
At high temperatures, the new grease does not form residues like high-temperature greases containing a polyurea thickener.
Glucamate CCO thickener is an ester of methyl glucose that structures surfactants in personal care cleansing formulations, enabling elegant face, body and hair cleansing products that are crystal clear and mild on the skin.
Keywords Shear-thickening, Rheology modifier, Surfactants, Viscosity, Thickeners, Thickener-surfactant interactions, Thickening mechanisms, Associative thickeners, Cyclodextrin
SELT Marine of France has developed a new extraction process for the production of semi-refined Carrageenan, a natural food thickener.
A protein-based food thickener offers unusual nutritional advantages over conventional starch-thickening systems.
If that's the case, a thickener may help provide uniform amounts in each, assuming the manufacturer--and consumer -- have a more viscous end-product in mind.
What's described as a "next-generation" magnesium oxide thickener for SMC, TMC, and BMC has been introduced by Plasticolors Inc.
Installing electro-mechanical drives produced significant reductions in up front capital costs and, by avoiding the need to change hydraulic fluids, they also reduce ongoing maintenance costs, The smaller footprint of the electromechanical drive also creates more space on the thickener bridge," Mr Okely said.
The first, Tafigel PUR 41, is a highly efficient PU thickener with a pseudoplastic rheology profile.
Yockelson says she selects the thickener for her fruit pies based on the type of fruit being used.