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Synonyms for thickened

made or having become thick

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having calluses

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made thick in consistency

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During hospitalization in the neonatal intensive care unit, pasteurized human milk from the BLH-IFF is thickened and, after hospital discharge, if there is still indication, the mother may continue to thicken raw human milk at home.
Summary: Patient was suffering from genetic heart condition causing thickened cardiac muscles
As a result, most of the flocculants bond with tailings particles and exist in the thickened tailings slurry, which changes the internal structures and affects the rheological characteristics of the slurry during pipeline transportation.
The sand-carrying capacity of guar gum at 120 mPa x s is equivalent to the carrying capacity of 60 mPa x s of thickened water.
This case is a reminder of a rare but important diagnostic consideration in the setting of a diffusely thickened gallbladder wall.
Heterogeneous appearance of the liver, periportal involvement, diffuse low signal intensity of spleen on T2-weighted MRI, and thickened bowel wall may be helpful imaging findings when accompanied by presence or history of chronic inflammatory disease and clinical suspicion for amyloidosis.
3- Thickened nerve which appears beaded/nodular or with abscess formation.
A stratified enhancement pattern in a thickened segment of bowel wall is used to exclude malignant conditions and is, therefore, a very important criterion to use to establish a correct diagnosis.
Gravy can be thickened with cornmeal, cornstarch or a variety of flours.
A thickened coracohumeral ligament (CHL) has been documented as one of the most specific manifestations of frozen shoulder [3, 4].
syphilitica occur in forested areas and form thickened stems called rhizophores, following the classification proposed by Andreata and Menezes (1999) for S.
The rheological properties of polyurethane emulsion thickened by HWPU were measured using Brookfield LVDV-III rheometer, and the effects of HPE structure and PEG molecular weight on the thickening property of HWPU were studied.
Objectives: Substandard oral fluid intake in poststroke patients receiving thickened liquids has been well documented; however, more recently, it has been reported in poststroke patients receiving thin liquids.
Eyelids were considerably thickened, and there was an S-shaped curve in the upper eyelid margin.
Ophthalmological examination revealed thickened eyelids with mechanical ptosis and straightening of eyelashes.