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having a thick stem

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Once you have your bunch of thick-stemmed asparagus, you need to trim it, wash it and dry it.
One conclusion that can be reached is that reducing forward speed when mowing a coarse-textured, thick-stemmed grass like Johnsongrass can lessen the number of pop-ups.
Mooregold is one of the thick-stemmed Cucurbeta maxima squashes that borers like most.
We believe this force-sensing approach can be extended to other thick-stemmed crops as well."
I was in the charming town of Marcillac, where every Sunday there's a terrific market crammed with food stalls selling everything from the local cheesy mashed potato 'aligot' to the orange-scented 'fouace' cake and trestle tables piled high with thick-stemmed chard, pumpkins and wild mushrooms.
"And, with tall, thick-stemmed or leaning crops that stay green in overcast weather, it could be four weeks before the stems dry down thoroughly.
Fill in with smaller branches and thick-stemmed elements like poppies, viburnum, and nicotiana, available from florists.
The thick-stemmed montana is happy to droop its thick trailing stems everywhere, while the much thinner and delicate stems of clematis alpina and macropetala need tying in to avoid any damage as the bud s become heavier and offer more resistance to winds.
"We had high winds the night before, and everything was down except for six rows of tall, thick-stemmed plants," she says.
Boil or stir-fry cut pieces as directed for thick-stemmed greens.
For thick, mature stalks, follow thick-stemmed green recipe.
Boil cut pieces, or stir-fry cut greens as directed for thick-stemmed greens.
Boil or stir-fry as directed for thick-stemmed greens.
Boil cut pieces, or stirfry as directed for thick-stemmed greens.
3/4 to 1 pound thick-stemmed greens (with stems or stalks thicker than 1/4 inch and much denser than their leaves; choose from listings starting on page 101)