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Synonyms for thick-skinned

Synonyms for thick-skinned

insensitive to criticism

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suzukii is important because it has thick-skinned fruits, thus showing the possibility of this pest to adapt to different hosts available in the colonization areas.
You have to be either very thick-skinned or well-grounded" - Former Bond girl Serena Gordon.
We did not expect such an arrogant and thick-skinned government.
He said "Even (the Finance Secretary) would not be so thick-skinned as to pretend there is no link between his cut to the housing budget and the 12,000 builders who lost their jobs last year.
Peter, 38, said: "I'm not made for this industry because I'm not thick-skinned.
But I am thick-skinned, I've had experience of it and that should stand me in good stead.
ALEX McLEISH insists his previous experience when in charge of Rangers means he is thick-skinned enough to cope with the switch from Birmingham to Aston Villa.
ALEX MCLEISH insists his previous experiences when in charge of Rangers means he is thick-skinned enough to cope with the switch from Birmingham to Aston Villa.
Works of eight artists are illustrated, along with essays titled A Thick-Skinned Beast; Under My Skin, Deep in the Heart of Me; HIDE; Secret Skin; Scarscapes; Shorelines, Flux, Origins, and Dark Water--The Slowness of Things; Skin Seven Spans Thick; and A Post-Mortem on the Racialized Indian Body.
I'm doing OK but I can't help but notice that the aggressive, thick-skinned, devil-may-care, least likeable people seem to be on the fast track.
Thick-skinned Lee got rumbled and Sir Alan appeared to condone it.
It's understandable he would be hurt/angry that his sons had to share some of the abuse they received, but surely to goodness he is not that thick-skinned that he didn't expect feedback?
When crustal plates collide on land, the type of deformation of the lithosphere is generally divided into thin-skinned and thick-skinned, but within these broad categories, a wide range of phenomena can be observed.
Thick-skinned areas (knees, ankles, elbows and knuckles) tend to hold too much product and look unusually darker than the rest of your body.