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large-headed large-eyed crepuscular or nocturnal shorebird of the Old World and tropical America having a thickened knee joint

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Particularly in the Peruvian Thick-knee, most basic questions about its life history remain unknown (e.
On the other hand, the habit of the Peruvian Thick-knee of foraging in close tandem also reduced the number of attempts per session and the success rate, as the capture of the target individuals often caused the other bird to flush.
The high recapture opportunities of this method therefore allows investigating survival rates, natal and breeding dispersal, habitat use, age and sex structure or mating system, as well as many other life-history traits of the Peruvian Thick-knee and possibly other small and medium-sized birds.
The Great Thick-knee was discovered during a regular recent bird-counting exercise on Bul Syayeef, just west of the Musaffah channel in Abu Dhabi.
The Great Thick-knee is a unique-looking large wading bird, well adapted to its diet of crabs, large insects and other small animals.
Dubai Rare animals, including a thread snake, Asian desert warbler and the Eurasian thick-knee have been found in the Bab Al Shams desert recently.
Karwan is the Arabic name for the Eurasian thick-knee.
Shore bird numbers are declining, he says, particularly among oystercatchers, red-capped dotterels and beach thick-knees.