thick skin

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skin that is very thick (as an elephant or rhinoceros)

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When you are fired, it's economy and cabs back" Foyles War actress Honeysuckle Weeks on the ups and downs of being a star "People who go into politics have to develop a thick skin very early on and I've got a thick skin" Labour MP Emily Thornberry, who was called a "snob" after being accused of making derogatory remarks about a white van man "Inexpensive youthful beauty tip: smile" Ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell "Watching my dating file has become a bit of a national pastime" Singer Taylor Swift, above "I actually see all the signs of a new Cold War.
All supporters know now that the man is bullet proof, with incredible thick skin.
WHETHER you happen to be in business or administration, having a thick skin never hurts -- if you'll pardon the pun.
14 ( ANI ): Hillary Clinton has advised women to "grow thick skin like a rhinoceros" if they are public figures.
FOR a man who takes a tumble more frequently than most, it is probably just as well Ashley Young has thick skin.
Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke to Hollyscoop at the 'End Of Watch' premiere and when asked what advice he would give to his son who just started acting, he said that he "has to have a lot of endurance and thick skin.
THICK skin is one of the Apre-requisites for a life in politics, as Michael Gove surely knows.
Using a sample is an ideal way to be introduced to Omnibalm because it works quickly to moisturize and comfort rough, thick skin, Carson says.
It really does need a thick skin sometimes to have the self confidence to follow through your ideas.
DAMON ALBARN has developed a thick skin when it comes to critics.
You have to have a thick skin in this game and it was nice to bring a team back to Aston Gate wearing blue," said Pulis.
Give me a break and get a life and some thick skin, will you?
He will need a thick skin and be willing to face litigation" that the two mortgage giants would surely launch to protect their interests, Wallison says.
Realising the benefits of thick skin while acknowledging the inherent messiness of construction, other architects are exploring the rain screen.
Rowswell, who is determined and also has a thick skin, seemed unperturbed by the hornet's nest, but it probably won't be brought up again any time soon.