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the state or quality of being physically strong

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To the stake they led him, and as they pushed him roughly against it preparatory to binding him there securely for the dance of death that would presently encircle him, Tarzan tensed his mighty thews and with a single, powerful wrench parted the loosened thongs which had secured his hands.
He knew, however, that there was little chance that they would attack him, since it is not within the reasoning powers of the anthropoid to be able to weigh or appreciate the value of concentrated action against an enemy--otherwise they would long since have become the dominant creatures of their haunts, so tremendous a power of destruction lies in their mighty thews and savage fangs.
For three days his ancient thews and sinews had proved insufficient for the task of providing his cavernous belly with meat.
DEESIDE-BASED company Thew Arnott has sponsored a group of Bornean orangutans at Chester Zoo.
MULTAN -- Thew Women Development Department and Punjab Commission for Women on Saturday launched a 16-day awareness drive regarding violence against women across the province.
Military units held military exercises, during which, they thew a simulated enemy back to its position, said the message.
Related Companies launched condo sales at 15 Hudson Yards this week, introducing the first opportunity to live in thew new West Side.
Michelle Thew, of Cruelty Free International, said: "The public will find the increase in animal suffering in laboratories shocking.
The worn blanket which started the smouldering fire was manufactured by Crater, a company which went into liquidation in 1980, Stewart Thew, assistant district manager for Derwentside at County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue said.
com/aeg, where you can also see photos of thew two teams in their new kits.
The TV chef thew himself into the Strictly Come Dancing mix this year but so far he's failed to rise to the occasion.
THEW tbavI'm The singer, 26, will soon be popping up in their local pub/newsagent/back garden as she's been house-hunting in the area for properties averaging [euro]4million.
MICHELLE THEW, Chief Executive, Cruelty Free International
Barry Thew, 39, of Radcliffe, was arrested for wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan "One less pig - perfect justice" across the front and "Killacopforfun.
Defence solicitor Kate Thew said McKay visited her doctor the day after she was arrested and was now on medication for her kidney condition.