theta wave

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the normal brainwave in the encephalogram of a person who is awake but relaxed and drowsy

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Two protocols were applied for training NF: (1) enhancing high-frequency alpha protocol in frontocentral areas of brain and suppressing theta waves and (2) enhancing beta in frontocentral areas of brain and suppressing theta waves.
But, when they were exposed to examination stress, their EEG was theta wave, may be because of frustration, disappointment, or an impaired information processing.
For female brain waves at different flashing frequencies, their Alpha waves showed slight decreasing and their Theta wave and Delta wave showed significant increasing.
Three post-tests, including one immediately after using the nasal spray, "showed a dramatic lessening of theta wave activity (3.5-7.5 Hz)" from baseline.
Crawford proposes that the hippocampus appears to be involved as a gating mechanism in selective attention, and that this gating function may be promoted "through a cortico-hippocampal relay [that] transmits information by theta wave modulation" (p.
Theta gives its name to the theta wave, which is a high-amplitude brain pattern, so it stands to reason that the Theta Man would be a real thinker, a brainiac.
Others to follow Folkestone 6.50 Hi Shinko, 7.20 Theta Wave.
"That is Frederik's first winner for us, he rides well and is a good strong jockey." Trainer Jeremy Gask is developing a liking for Ripon and Theta Wave, sent on a lone 490-mile round trip from his Wiltshire base, gained a last-gasp success under Neil Callan in the Alistair And Joanne's Wedding Day Selling Handicap.
New Leyf and Theta Wave at Ripon, One Way Or Another at Haydock, and Medicean Man at Doncaster and Haydock, all have wins on the board this summer.
Theta Wave just gets up THETA WAVE touched 100 in running on his way to landing the 5f selling handicap at Ripon yesterday under a forceful ride from Neil Callan.
Star performance Ruth Carr, on the mark with a 35-1 double Follow the bride Alistair and Joanne Coates sponsored the selling handicap to mark their wedding in Harrogate earlier in the day - and Joanne had extra reason to celebrate after backing the 9-2 winner Theta Wave Find out which well-backed favourite failed to run its race and looked one to swerve?
Today's multiple Jeremy Gask's yard is in good form and it is interesting to see him drop Theta Wave into selling company (2.45 Ripon).
Theta waves (4-7.5 Hz) are present during light sleep.
An electroencephalography showed sharp-contoured theta waves and sometimes spike waves in the left temporoparietooccipital area, which became generalized via spreading to homologous areas of the opposite hemisphere.