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Synonyms for thesaurus


Synonyms for thesaurus

a book containing a classified list of synonyms

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We had been looking for some time for a solution enabling our experts to manage our multilingual thesauri efficiently and easily," said Ralf Buttermann, Head of IT, Thieme.
Developments in thesauri, social tagging, and guided navigation illustrate some of this current interest.
The subjectivity of the SMV hypothesis is crystallized in the objective realization of thematically-organized thesauri.
Next, companies should investigate and incorporate thesauri that best describe their ontology.
Soft-Art officials declined comment, other than to say the company is updating its thesauri.
Subject-specific thesauri are needed to delineate individual disciplines and thereby to help users move in and among both related and unrelated subjects.
com/research/2c6498/indexing_from_the) has announced the addition of Woodhead Publishing Ltd's new report "Indexing: From Thesauri to the Semantic Web" to their offering.
Where typical thesauri leave you with a context-free list of terms, Thesaurus 2.
An extensive introduction expounds upon the limits of traditional thesauri, namely that they merely suggest words one already knows and have decided not to use, and lack the agility necessary to group distinct concepts, which nevertheless go together.
The LAURIN Thesaurus complies with the relevant standards for mono- and multilingual thesauri (ISO 2788, 1986; ISO 5964, 1985).
The suite offers organizations the capability to establish corporate semantics (vocabularies, taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies and master reference data) that model the existing business information structure and corporate lexicon.
Because the English language is so dynamic, most people would be shocked to learn how static the world's thesauri have been - there hasn't been a substantive update to any major thesaurus in about 160 years," said David Wygant, VP of Product, Dictionary.