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having the property of becoming permanently hard and rigid when heated or cured


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The frequency dependence of the capacitance and tangent of the dielectric loss angle allows one to judge the state of the thermosetting insulation system of TEM.
As with thermosetting film, PSA is generally applied to FR-4 prior to drilling and machining the stiffeners to shape.
Building on its proprietary technologies, Nitto Denko succeeded in turning its liquid thermosetting encapsulation resin into a gel-like sheet by utilizing a special silicone resin as a base.
The HPT-1 OB burst tester is used to determine the resistance of either thermoplastic or reinforced thermosetting resin pipe, tubing or fittings to hydrostatic pressure in a short time period.
The contract includes using Teijin's proprietary carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic technology, a method of producing carbon fibre composites more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods that use thermosetting resins and require much longer moulding times.
US thermosetting resins maker Momentive Specialty Chemicals said Tuesday it had completed the previously announced sale of its global Ink & Adhesive Resins (IAR) operations to Japanese chemicals company Harima Chemicals (TYO:4410) for an undisclosed sum.
The motor uses 220[degrees]C ML wire insulation and high temperature thermosetting resin for durability.
Manufactured from thermosetting material, the TAIS TRE distribution system from LEWDEN ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES has been designed and built to withstand temperatures ranging from -30[degrees]C to + 70[degrees]C.
Because this adhesive film is not thermosetting, no extended press times, temperatures or pressures are required for bonding.
Topics include thermosetting unsaturated polyester nanocomposites, liquid crystalline polymer matrices, polyurethane and latex-based nanocomposites, fracture toughness characterization, barrier properties, dielectric analysis and quantitative characterization of dispersion.
DuPont offers an extensive range of high quality thermosetting powder coatings for both decorative and functional applications.
A special chamber system, filled with thermosetting plastic, has vibration-dampening properties, resulting in better surface finishes and tool life extension.
Scapa North America now offers Thermofilm[R] H192U and H193U, 2 nitrile phenolic thermosetting transfer adhesives designed to bond and form protective barriers against corrosion.
Hexion produces and sells a range of thermosetting and specialty resins, while Akzo Nobel has focused on rosin resins, manufacturing them in the Netherlands, Portugal, China, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada and the USA.
Hexion Specialty Chemicals is the world's largest producer of thermosetting resins and a leading producer of UV-curable materials.