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the measurement of temperature

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Axillary thermometry proved both accurate and reliable.
Acoustic tomography and thermometry measure ocean temperatures and currents throughout the water column, including the abyssal zone, to determine the heat content and mean circulation on regional and basin scales using precise measurements of travel times between acoustic sources and receivers (thermometry refers to average temperature measurements in a two-dimensional vertical slice along a single path, and tomography refers to using multiple intersecting paths and tomographic inversion to provide a three-dimensional spatial temperature map).
Axillary thermometry as a tool for fever assessment at home and clinics should be encouraged.
Accuracy of infrared ear thermometry and other temperature methods in adults.
DirecTemp is a USB thermometry system that captures and displays temperatures in real time.
The company continues to provide calibration services for a range of thermometry, electrical and process equipment.
Infrarcd thermometry was introduced into agriculture I more than 40 years ago as a hand-held tool to remotely I measure the surface radiometric temperature of crops.
Medical students from across the country presented research work they undertook on their own initiative, as others presented research papers they developed, such as herbal medicine use in Greater Beirut and accuracy of axillary (armpit) temperature measurement in comparison to rectal thermometry in the pediatric age group.
MR is the ideal modality to guide and monitor the HIFU ablation of tumours because not only does it provide high-detail anatomical data on the target, but it also provides accurate thermometry to measure the local temperature at the target and so allows safe execution of the procedure.
Summary: Company first to offer vital signs device that can accommodate both digital oral/axillary/rectal and ear thermometry accessories simultaneously
Rectal thermometry is the most common method used in obtaining animal body temperatures in clinical settings.
In 2009, the RML serviced over 100 companies for thermometry, pressure, mass and value, electrical and length measurements.
The editors write that radiation thermometry can determine the temperatures of fast moving or very small objects, and has other applications where conventional methods of temperature measurement are a challenge, if not impossible to apply.
The shortcomings of current repair thermometry methods are also documented in the context of the impact of thermocouple placement on profile accuracy.
Many methods of thermometry are unreliable and the site where temperature is measured can influence the results.