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the measurement of temperature

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Clinical thermometry in healthcare is impacted by external and internal sources of measurement variation.
The advantage of the UWB radar method for the thermometry against other methods is the assumption that the method is less numerically expensive, easy to implement and cost effective.
He has a master's degree in physiology from the University of Minnesota and holds 26 patents for warming, pulmonary, and thermometry devices.
In order to apply the intensity ratio method in thermometry, it is required to fit a calibration function of analyzed thermophosphor.
With minimum effect on the combustion and in-cylinder heat transfer, the limited optical access enabled piston surface temperature measurements using phosphor thermometry. Due to geometrical constrains in the cylinder head, the optical axis was tilted by 11.7 degrees from the cylinder axis.
Axillary thermometry proved both accurate and reliable.
Drawn from the proceedings of the XXII International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy (ICOL2015), held in Singapore in June and July of 2015, the eight papers in this volume discuss quantum walks with neutral atoms in state-dependent optical lattices; the role of muonic atoms in nuclear structure; the development and optimization of Doppler broadening thermometry using acetylene as a molecular target; antiferromagnetism with ultracold atoms; the generation and transfer of stable optical frequencies in optical clocks with trapped ions; precision measurement of the Newtonian gravitational constant by atom interferometry; optical sideband cooling in a Penning trap; and Bose-Einstein condensation of photons vs.
The data was computed according to the thermometry report, considering the period between January and May 2012, with the register of average temperatures in the lower, middle and upper parts of the warehouse.
These results indicate that the [Pr.sup.3+]:La[F.sub.3] ([C.sub.Pr] = 1%) microcrystalline powder is a promising candidate for luminescent thermometry application especially in physiological temperature range (10-50[degrees]C).
Wang et al., "Study of ultrasonic thermometry based on ultrasonic time-of-flight measurement," AIP Advances, vol.
[7] White DR, Hill K, del Campo D, Garcia Izquierdo C (2014) Guide on Secondary Thermometry: Thermistor Thermometry.
The Caregiver thermometer was developed by the inventors of tympanic thermometry and is the world's first non-contact device with TouchFree technology.
These networks provide communication, power, underwater and under-ice navigation, passive monitoring of ambient sound (ice, seismic, biologic, and anthropogenic), and acoustic remote sensing (tomography and thermometry), supporting and complementing data collection from platforms, moorings, and vehicles.