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Synonyms for thermoelectrical

involving or resulting from thermoelectricity

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Caption: FIGURE 3: Custom-made setup for the thermoelectrical characterization of the device schematic on the top part, real picture on the bottom.
The working principle of EDM is a thermoelectrical phenomenon which uses electricity and thermal energy to generate sparks and erodes both the electrodes' surfaces.
Min, "[Lu.sup.3+]/[Yb.sup.3+] and [Lu.sup.3+]/[Er.sup.3+] co-doped antimony selenide nanomaterials: synthesis, characterization, and electrical, thermoelectrical, and optical properties," Nanoscale Research Letters, vol.
Nanotechnology has range of applications in various fields including energy, environment, electrical, thermoelectrical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, optical, textile, chemicals, polymer industry etc.
Many methods based on the MPPT (maximum power point technique) have been reported in the literature, many others applied empirical correlations to evaluate the thermoelectrical performance of a PV system.
Early thermoelectrical devices developed in the early 1960s earned some popularity given the solid state nature of the devices, that is, no moving parts compared to generators and motors.
Revealing the severity of his procedure, Frazier explained: "Eventually my surgeon advised me to get an IDET operation, which stands for inter-discal thermoelectrical therapy.