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of or concerned with thermodynamics

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com/reports/c45860) has announced the addition of Yaws' Handbook of Thermodynamic Properties for Hydrocarbons and Chemicals to their offering.
Maintenance contract gas mixed individual boilers, individual water heaters, individual solar water heaters, thermodynamic water heaters, natural and mechanical ventilation controlled, heat pumps, installation and maintenance on all DAAF heritage Clairsienne (about 8000 housing) on ?
As specialists with global standing, Skripov and Faizullin (both (physics, Russian Academy of Sciences) have a outstanding knowledge of the experimental and theoretical analysis of first-order phase transitions, and this is the first complete review of the research of both on the comparative analysis of solid-liquid and liquid-vapor phase transitions, their similarities and differences with special emphasis on the aspects of thermodynamic similarity.
Regulatory thermal calculations required for any new construction or rehabilitated, thermodynamic calculations necessary to validate the energy performance of proposed projects.
Ruelle, professor emeritus at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques in Paris, outlines the theory of thermodynamic formalism.
Now a team of University of Chicago researchers has invented an optical system that comes close to this thermodynamic limit.
He has received a number of industry awards, including the Turner Memorial Award of the Electrochemical Society for his work on the thermodynamic properties of liquid metal solutions.
He describes the main components, the thermodynamic characteristics of the closed-cycle, control and operational performance, thermodynamic performance, closed-cycle gas turbines in cogeneration plants (including studies), semi-closed-cycle gas turbines, and closed-cycle gas turbine processes with steam injection.
This prediction contradicts a long-standing assumption that thermodynamic processes such as diffusion and the flow of heat are largely unaffected by the motion of the medium in which the process takes place.
When compressed, these fluids exhibit enhanced thermodynamic properties of penetration, solvation and expansion.
Although thermodynamic calculations show that this reaction is energetically unfavorable, the continual removal of hydrogen by the bacteria keeps the iron reaction going.
The results, however, may place the entire beverage industry in thermodynamic shock.
In Nevada, USA, Enel Green Power North America has started works on the construction of a solar thermodynamic power plant to operate alongside the existing Stillwater geothermal power station, which is already paired with a 26 MW photovoltaic facility.
This time, however, the researchers measured the temperature of the iron directly, without having to make assumptions about the iron's heat capacity and other thermodynamic parameters.
Founded in 1988, ThermoEnergy is an infrastructure technologies company whose core business is the design, fabrication and operation of renewable energy and power generation facilities based on the Company's patented technologies, including the ThermoFuel Process which converts municipal and industrial wastewaters into a high-energy biofuel, the Ammonia Recovery Process (ARP) which removes and converts ammonia from municipal and industrial wastewater into ammonium sulfate, a commercial grade fertilizer, and the TIPS process, which is an advanced thermodynamic method of converting fossil fuels, including oil, natural gas or coal, and most biomass into energy with zero air emissions.