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cautery (destruction of tissue) by heat

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Results: The patients were divided into three groups according to the circumcision method: conventional surgical circumcision (n=833), thermocautery (n=1011), and plastic clamp (n=218).
Conclusion: The thermocautery circumcision technique can be used easily in both the operating theatre and in designated circumcision rooms, with a lower complication rate, when compared to plastic clamping and surgical circumcisions.
KEYWORDS: Circumcision, Clamp, Complication, Pediatric, Thermocautery.
For example, the thermocautery was used to stop hemorrhage and it was described in different handbooks throughout the study period.
By mid-20th century, the relationship of professional caregivers with the thermocautery was still that of safeguard and they had to care for its good condition: It is quite convenient for the aide to periodically check this instrument's good functioning to always have it ready (BC 8: 632-633).
This situation required the presence of the physician to use the thermocautery, as described in the following quote: .
Warts were surgically excised under 2% Xylocaine at stalk and thermocautery was done.
Thermocautery was tried by using a heated flat metal strip.
Thermocautery was followed by application of pressure bandage with cotton and elastic nylon cloth.