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the branch of electronics dealing with thermionic phenomena (especially thermionic vacuum tubes)

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Carex Health Brands has long been respected for many of the same values as ThermiPaq, including quality, value and integrity," stated Thermionics founder Gregg Harwood.
One company that has taken steps to make its products more shelf-friendly to allow retailers to easily develop displays is Thermionics.
Most of these characteristics are due to the thermionic device that is used.
These articles include contributions relating to thermionics, thermal storage, heat pumps, and superconductivity.
Both executives remain certain that when manned interplanetary space flight becomes practical, it will be powered by a thermionic reactor.
He also serves as the Navy member on the DoD Advisory Group on Electron Devices and as a member of the Executive Board of the Air Force Advanced Thermionics Research Initiative program at the University of California, Los Angeles.
For their part, Thermionics executives say that they feel the brand they have been marketing since 1990 will be in good hands.
This volume contains papers delivered at a 2009 symposium that focused on material advances in thermoelectics and thermionics.
This program is composed of two parts, the advanced thermionics research initiative (ATR) and the nonperturbing thermionics analysis program.
At some chains, the focus on private label squeezes out opportunities for brands, according to Gregg Harwood, CEO of Thermionics Corp.
Eric Schick, president of ThermiPaq supplier Thermionics Corp.
Papers from a November 2007 symposium are presented here, in sections on nanocomposites, chalcogenides, bulk thermoelectrics, thin films and thermionics, thin films and devices, and new and emerging materials and standards.
Last year was the OLED year at thermionics, Port Townsend, Wash.
Another unique technology in hot-cold therapy was developed by Thermionics Corp.
The 61 papers are presented in sections on thermoelectrics research directions and oxides; nanoengineered thermoelectrics; films and particles; bulk low-dimensional structures (pressed and self-assembled); nanowires and other new low dimensional structure materials; thermionics and photovoltaics; chalcogenides, skutterudites, and devices; half-heuslers, thallium tellurides, and skudderudites; clathrates and new measurement techniques; oxides and other high-temperature materials; and devices.