thermionic valve

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At this, the twelfth annual collectors' fair specialising in mechanical and electrical gear from radio sets to telephones, a special exhibiton will commemorate One Hundred Years of the Thermionic Valve.
The development of electronics - from the thermionic valve to complex ICs
Off the top of my memory stack, here are a few facts to even up the score: 1907 - Coventry Economic Building Society buys first commercial tabulator for doing its books' 1938 - Prof Tommy Flowers invents thermionic valve using own cash which is basis of all early computers' 1942 - world's first computer, Colossus, goes live for decrypting Nazi Enigma intelligence traffic and plays a major part in winning the war'
These innovations are the modern day equivalent of the steamship displacing sailing ships or the silicon chip displacing the thermionic valve and enabling completely new businesses and capabilities along the way.
The EISA judges awarded the HT--E6750W Best in Class not just because it is "bridging the generations between thermionic valves and modern Class D amplification," but also because the combination of its features and functionalities ensures endless home entertainment enjoyment.