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Synonyms for thermic

relating to or associated with heat

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Volufil Multicone combines thermic treatment and winding process on a single machine.
Some particular environmental factors, as mechanical manipulation and exposure of bivalve molluscs to thermic, osmotic, and hypoxic stress conditions, have been evaluated on morphometric (i.
The market for thermic fluid is expected to grow at a more than CAGR of 7.
2], thus allowing calculation of an individual's thermic effect of food (TEF).
These regions have Mediterranean climates, xeric moisture regimes, and thermic temperature regimes.
Elegantly designed with lavish layers of the finest materials and exquisite features such as Thermic Silk Cashmere, Talalay Latex, Tala Silver Latex and Dunlopillo Gel II, Cashmerian Luxe promises the most opulent slumber experience as it also gives health benefits.
Ashley Binns, a doctoral student in kinesiology and exercise science who led the study at the University of Arkansas, said the goal was to determine the interaction between the thermic effect of food and exercise on the body's total energy expenditure, as measured in calories.
CMEC has stepped into Turkey's thermic power market in the 2000s.
The developing technology uses the prototype equipment which produces high temperatures and pressures for thermic sinking (deepening) of narrow vertical openings (Lazar et al.
14 September 2012 a[euro]" US energy-related assets purchaser Newco Energy Acquisition Holdings LLC, or NEAH Energy, said on Friday it had signed a letter of intent (LoI) to take over green technology firm Thermic Global Industries LLC.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 14, 2012-NEAH Energy unveils LoI to acquire Thermic Global Industries(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Back in 1998, Seiko had launched a thermic wristwatch, the world's first watch powered by the temperature gradient between skin and the surrounding air.
The comedy film shot in Soke town of Aegean province of Izmir tells about the things occurring in a village in which efforts were underway to construct a thermic power plant.