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Thereon he gathered his clouds together, grasped his trident, stirred it round in the sea, and roused the rage of every wind that blows till earth, sea, and sky were hidden in cloud, and night sprang forth out of the heavens.
Thereon he floated about for two nights and two days in the water, with a heavy swell on the sea and death staring him in the face; but when the third day broke, the wind fell and there was a dead calm without so much as a breath of air stirring.
Thereon Antiphus of the gleaming corslet, son of Priam, hurled a spear at Ajax from amid the crowd and missed him, but he hit Leucus, the brave comrade of Ulysses, in the groin, as he was dragging the body of Simoeisius over to the other side; so he fell upon the body and loosed his hold upon it.
Some authorities stated that a devotional cross had once formed the complete erection thereon, of which the present relic was but the stump; others that the stone as it stood was entire, and that it had been fixed there to mark a boundary or place of meeting.
Before the passage and enforcement of District and Regional Health Authorities Act 2019 and codification of rules and regulations thereon, mass transfers and posting orders of doctors are being issued.
The council decided to refer the draft law to the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee to study it and submit a report thereon to the council.
NAG has demanded that Jet Airways pay to the member pilots the "arrears of salary (inclusive of all allowances) due to date and pay interest thereon at commercial rate from the date due till realisation and hereinafter pay the full salary (inclusive of all allowances)on the 1st day of every month) and for any salaries paid after the said due date, pay interest thereon at commercial rate from the date due till realisation." (ANI)
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has recommended statement for banks to submit information of persons receiving profit on debt exceeding Rs500,000 for non-filers and Rs1 million for tax filers and tax deductions thereon during the financial year.
(21) of 2004 on Ministers, and decided to refer it to the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee for study and submit a report thereon to the Council.
Following the occurrence of an event of default under the LOC and Reimbursement Agreement, ICBC may direct the IPA to immediately stop the issuance of any additional notes and reduce the stated amount of the LOC to the principal amount of notes outstanding plus interest to accrue thereon to maturity.
The Exchange Transactions include: The exchange of approximately $4.2 million aggregate principal amount of Senior Secured Notes plus accrued and unpaid interest thereon by the Exchange Holders for 1,854,980 shares of the Company's Common Stock.
Completed during 2Q18, the company purchased real estate property consisting of approximately 525 meters of land with a building located thereon, and also purchased the adjacent property, consisting of approximately 423 square meters of land with a parking lot located thereon.
The CCEA has given approval for "Waiver of penal interest amounting to Rs 1,076.59 crore in respect of PPT as on 31.03.2017 and further accruals thereon till date of approval of waiver", Ministry of Shipping said in a statement.
Wapda made a comeback winning the second set but from thereon, Navy kept Wapda under pressure and seized the remaining two sets to win the match.