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from that circumstance or source

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Over the past five years, the share thereof in the consumption of RES has declined by 1.4 percentage points, while during the year it has risen by 7 percentage points reaching 80.9 percent.
The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs shall issue, by means of a decision thereof, a model list of disciplinary rules and rewards to guide the employers in setting their own rules in this regard.
Goods of 'Vehicles, aircraft and associated transport equipment', 'Machinery, recorders, sound and picture broadcasting and accessories', and 'Base metals and articles thereof'' represented 61.3 per cent of total imports for the same sector.
The court while directing the administration to provide alternate land for Sukkar Press Club within one month and filing report thereof has adjourned the matter for indefinite period.
It entails applying on a scalp an effective amount of a topical composition containing bimatoprost or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.
No Act of [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] shall apply to any Federally Administered Tribal Area or to any part thereof, unless the President so directs, and no Act of [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] or a Provincial Assembly shall apply to a Provincially Administered Tribal Area, or to any part thereof, unless the Governor of the Province in which the Tribal Area is situated, with the approval of the President, so directs; and in giving such a direction with respect to any law, the President or, as the case may be, the Governor, may direct that the law shall, in its application to a Tribal Area, or to a specified part thereof, have effect subject to such exceptions and modifications as may be specified in the direction.
Dossena Limited (In Voluntary Liquidation) Sections 622 & 674 Companies Act 2014 The creditors of the Company are required, on or before 16:00 on 31 August 2018 to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims and the names and addresses of their solicitors, if any, to the undersigned, the Liquidator of the said Company and if so required by notice in writing from me, are to file such affidavits in proof of claims as they may be advised and to give notice of filing thereof to me and to attend at such time and place as shall be specified in such notice or, in default thereof, they will be excluded from any distribution made before such debts or claims are proved.
certified copy of such certificate, previously issued by the Register of Deeds or by a legal custodian thereof;
Key statement: There are provided rubber compositions comprising an elastomer comprising a rubber chosen from natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, polybutadiene rubber, nitrile-butadiene rubber, polychloroprene rubber, chlorosul-phonated polyethylene rubber, ethylene propylene diene rubber and mixtures thereof; reinforcing fibers chosen from aramid fibers, carbon fibers, polyester fibers, glass fibers, nylon fibers and mixtures thereof, and/or nanometric filamentary structures chosen from nanowires, nanorods, nanofibers, nanoribbons, nanotubes and mixtures thereof, said nanometric filamentary structures being functionalized or unfunctionalized; and a filler chosen from carbon black and silica.
Here's how much you should be spending on your next taxi ride in Newcastle: Hackney carriage Monday to Friday (7am-11pm) PS2.40 minimum - after that it's 20p for every 200.5 yards (183.34m) or part thereof.
* If the worker commits a mistake which causes gross financial loss to the employer provided that the employer shall notify the ministry of the mistake within period not exceeding the end of the second day from the time of awareness thereof. * If the worker violates more than once the written instructions of the employer concerning the safety of the workers and the establishment despite being notified in writing of the violation on condition that such instructions shall be written and posted up in a conspicuous place.
For April-June 2016, the top categories for exports were "mineral fuels and oils" (KD 3.1 billion) with share of 89.7% and then "organic chemicals" (KD 77.9 million) 2.2%, "plastics and articles thereof" (KD 60 million) 1.7%.
AUDREY RYAN (Deceased) Pursuant to the Trustee Act 1925 any persons having a claim against or an interest in the Estate of the aforementioned deceased, late of 41 Langdon Road Westerhope Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 5LU, who died on 12/04/2016, are required to send particulars thereof in writing to the undersigned Solicitors on or before 29/07/2016, after which date the Estate will be distributed having regard only to claims and interests of which they have had notice.