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an electronic musical instrument

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His engineering background led him to take an interest in combining electronic instruments such as the theremin with his band and he experimented with emerging recording technologies.
And the theremin, though not on "Picaraesque." And the hammer dulcimer and a bunch of other traditional folk instru- ments.
He quickly joined the New York City musical world, becoming one of the early members of the New York Musicological Society (later the American Musicological Society), moving in circles that included such musical luminaries as Leon Theremin (born Lev Termen), Henry Cowell, Charles Seeger, Nicolas Slonimsky, and Vernon Duke.
Wilson's 10-strong band, plus special guest Blondie Chaplin - who upped the raucous stakes, starting with Wild Honey, ahead of the interval, is also strong on those glorious harmonies, as well as nifty with everything from guitar to sax to theremin.
The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, in collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy in the framework of the Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the European Union, will present two concerts this week in which the peculiar electronic instrument the theremin will make its first appearance in Cyprus.
The band consist of the legends that are Pete Holidai on lead guitar and vocals, Steve Rapid on voice and theremin, Johnny Bonnie on drums (all formerly of the Radiators from Space) with Tony St Ledger on rhythm guitar and vocals and Bren Lynott on bass and vocals.
Its emphasis is on hands-on learning and visitors this year can try their hand at workshops including soldering, kit-building (how about creating a Lie Detector or a musical Theremin?) and repairs (if they want to bring a broken electrical item along to The Restart Project).
DELIA DERBYSHIRE (sponsored by Pete & Julie Chambers) If you use the words electronic music and pioneer together, then along with Theremin and Stockhausen, Delia Derbyshire's name would be undoubtedly mentioned.
With little banter between songs (for which Fyfe jokingly apologised), the set sated all appetites as it jumped between their three albums - from old favourites like Annie Let's Not Wait and final encore Sao Paolo from their debut, to Get Over It from 2008's Red to a swathe of tracks from this year's Walk The River - all ethereal and atmospheric with plenty of feedback, effects and a dash of theremin. VERDICT:JON PERKS
Larissa's first solo show opened to the eerie and evocative sounds of a rare Russian instrument, the Theremin played by her husband Paul Weatherhead and accompanied on the classical guitar by her brother in law Andy.
Performances include the UK premiere of Love Club, by acclaimed European artists God's Entertainment, and a rare opportunity to hear the theremin, one of the earliest electronic musical instruments, played live by Dorit Chrysler.
A childhood interest in the theremin, one of the first electronic musical instruments, would lead Moog to a create a career and business that tied the name Moog as tightly to synthesisers as the name Les Paul is to electric guitars.
One instrument that doesn't make the tour is the theremin - an electronic instrument that is played without being actually touched.
He performed on all the mid-period Beach Boys hits--"I Get Around," "California Girls," "Dance, Dance, Dance"--and introduced Brian Wilson to the theremin instrument, which would play a key role on the song "Good Vibrations."
Albert Glinsky, composer and associate professor of music at Mercyhurst College, provides answers to such questions in Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage, a compelling biography whose scope goes far beyond musical concerns alone.