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(in formal usage, especially legal usage) for that or for it

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El Hawi started his career in sales and marketing in Saudi Arabia with the Intercontinental hotel group , he worked therefor seven years before moving to Dubai in 2004.
'The selected accountability, therefor, being negation of standard operating procedures applicable during the process of accountability, could also immensely damage the normal functioning of different organs of the state,' the press release added.
He pointed out that the front vision is to avoid the exclusion policy, therefor he considered the rejection of SPC to accept the signing of the front on the declaration as matter that makes the way for change as contradicts with the principle of unification, saying that move would likely create a country that is not accommodation to all.
Therefor, the pressure is on and it will be interesting to see how the team performs and what the end results will be when the event folds up.'
Therefor, the series revolves around the main character; Dele, who always finds himself in rather awkward or ridiculous situations - resulting in him making some very funny decisions to get what he wants.
It stipulates that 'procurement projects covering recurring activities or projects, hence appropriations therefor are included in both the FY 2018 GAA and FY 2019 NEP, undertaken through EPA under the FY 2019 NEP may be awarded on the basis of the FY 2019 Reenacted Budget.'
therefor it is binding upon us that educational institutions must be protected and message of peace should be disseminated among the world.
MP Talaat Karim said in a statement to NINA: "There is consensus to pass the candidate of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration, Nawfal Baha Musa in today's session, but there are objections to the candidate of the Ministry of Education Shaima Hayali, within her bloc and some political blocs, therefor the quorum will be broken after the vote on the migration candidate, to ensure that the education's candidate is not passed.
However, that stellar squad faded away with only a handful making it to Kenyan Premier League clubs.The success in Nakuru should therefor be a positive wake-up call for Kenya Football Federation to focus on the age group game as much as they invest in the senior squad.
Abu Rudeineh stressed that this decision violates all UN resolutions and therefor requires from the United Nations to take a firm stand against it and to take the proper decision regarding it.
Proceeds will be used to extend and improve the water and sanitary sewer system (the system), including acquisition of right-of-way therefor, and to pay issuance costs.
Internationally, Aclaris has filed applications in Europe and other major foreign countries directed to high-concentration hydrogen peroxide formulations, including 40% and 45% topical solutions of hydrogen peroxide, methods for using such solutions, and applicators therefor.
"The AOP Awards is for the professional, and I really like the fact that the AOP are therefor us"
However, when he was taken to Erez/Beit Hanoun crossing to be expelled to Gaza, the Israeli military at the checkpoint refused to let him into Gaza and therefor he was taken back to jail, where he is still held until today, said the PPS.