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(in formal usage, especially legal usage) for that or for it

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Total quantity or scope: Disposal / destruction of ammunition therefor, explosives and pyrotechnics - 867.
deleting the existing Article 139, and substituting therefor the following new
He can get you if "there is reason to believe" (and Bush would be the one doing the believing) you have "engaged in, aided or abetted, or conspired to commit, acts of international terrorism, or acts in preparation therefor, that have caused, threaten to cause, or have as their aim to cause, injury to or adverse effects on the United States, its citizens, national security, foreign policy, or economy.
Mineral-filled roofing membrane compositions and uses therefor
Chicken Soup for the Soul - I'll Be Therefor You, a compact disc containing songs of friendship, brotherhood, and sisterhood, such as "Thank You for Being a Friend," "Lean on Me," and "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" would also be good additions.
At first, the president declared that ``no solicitation took place in the White House,'' and therefor no laws were broken.
The foregoing expenses incurred by reason of Tenant's default shall be deemed to be additional rent hereunder and shall be paid by Tenant to Owner within ten (10) days of rendition of any bill or statement to Tenant therefor.
The New Eastern would be unrelated to the unsecured creditors of the Chapter 11 estate, except that the new company could use certain remaining assets of the Eastern estate subject to compensating creditors therefor.
By taking a leading role as a participant and not merely being a neutral mediator between the parties to the conflict and the American public, [television] had its own stakes and therefor could not, despite pretensions to the contrary, be a disinterested party in presenting all of the facts to the public in a sober manner," Lederman writes.
He therefor recommends that diabetics consult their physicians before taking any magnesium supplements.
Contract awarded for On the concept of supply, transport and installation of fixed structures doors at perfileria natural anodized aluminum and glass crystal clear 6mm more accessories and hardware corresponding to Remodeling Marketing Management as detailed below fixed structure divided into three panels, perimeter frame and vertical crossbars in natural anodized aluminum profiles (March 1 / 4x3 + envidriador 1/2 x 1/2) with Hardware and accessories therefor, as system prompts to use.
The present invention also includes methods for producing the protein, uses therefor and antibodies thereto.
89-23, which is stressed in the AOD, stated that package design costs were distinguishable from advertising expenditures, but it did not make an effective case for the reasons therefor.
15, 1994, or such holder's assignee, will be entitled, upon surrender of the certificates that prior to the merger represented such stock, to receive in exchange therefor, shares of Noble $1.
Owners of the better quality buildings who are in a financially strong position, understand quite well that their product is in more demand than the lesser quality buildings, and therefor, are, to some degree, less flexible during lease negotiations.