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relating to or involved in therapy


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The Uganda processing facilities are installed and will produce and export pharmaceutical, therapeutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic grade cannabis ingredients.
There are times when the best therapeutical decision is very difficult, particularly if important diagnostical data are missing (in our case the FNAB).
Although "it's a plant," Jason DeLand, Anomaly founding partner and board member of dosist (formerly hmbldt), the therapeutical cannabis startup that the agency invested in and helped bring to market in 2016, says he's pessimistic that federal legalization of cannabis is on the near horizon.
Melatonin antioxidative defense: therapeutical implications for aging and neurodegenerative processes.
Advanced Imaging Specialist | CBO | CEO | Chief Medical Officer | Clinical Development Scientist | Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer | CSO/CMO | CTO | Global Clinical Leader | Pharmaceutical Assessor | R&D Director | RSM Ophthalmology | Senior Clinical Director, Ophthalmology | Senior Director, Clinical Research & Development | Senior Manager, Early Development Group | Senior Vice President, Development | Sr Director Pharmaceutical Sciences | Translational Research Manager | Vice President, Therapeutical Area Head of Ophthalmology | VP, Medical Director, UK and Head of Medical Affairs EU...and more
In their study titled "A comparison of the efficacy of meta-cognition therapeutical group and group learning of life skills on depression, quality of life, rumination response style, and divorced women's meta-cognition" Razavi Zade Tabakan and Share (2015) concluded that meta-cognitive therapeutical group help enhance positive beliefs about depression, quality of life, rumination response style, and divorced women's metacognitions in an influential way.
We have reached the number one position in the UAE, our new management team is now fully on board and we have just launched several new products in key therapeutical area such as cardiovascular.
Cost utility analysis (CUA) is a type of cost effectiveness analysis (CEA) where therapeutical efficacy is based on the subsequent well-being conditions (Brazier et al., 2016).
Clinical and therapeutical implications of EPC biology in atherosclerosis.
At the end of the chapter, the main coordinates of the therapeutical approach of addictive pathology overdose management and psychosocial care, fundamental for the reinsertion and support of the patient included in this category of diagnostics are drawn.
In the article titled "Tyrosine Kinase Receptor Landscape in Lung Cancer: Therapeutical Implications" [1], there was a missing affiliation for the second author.
Our results therefore suggest that biological complexity is in part responsible for the slower-than-expected unfolding of the therapeutical revolution set in motion by the HGP.
These signaling pathways may provide novel targets for future therapeutical interventions.
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to verify the therapeutical effect of an osmoprotective eye drop (Optive) for the management of induced aqueous deficient DED in patients subjected to refractive surgery.