therapeutic cloning

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nuclear transplantation of a patient's own cells to make an oocyte from which immune-compatible cells (especially stem cells) can be derived for transplant

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According to the ( Bioethics Defense Fund , an additional four states simply prohibit state funding of human cloning and 10 states allow human embryos to be cloned but ban the embryo from being allowed to mature full term (thus outlawing reproductive cloning but allowing therapeutic cloning).
Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, head of developmental genetics at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research, said: "This interesting work at last brings the topic of therapeutic cloning in humans back into the realm of good science rather than controversy.
*More than two-thirds of respondents approved of using therapeutic cloning (nuclear transfer of the patient's own genes) and stem cells from in vitro fertilized embryos to cure cancer or treat heart attacks.
Burt carefully avoided any mention of so-called therapeutic cloning or the fact that both therapeutic and reproductive cloning use the same techniquesomatic cell nuclear transfer or SCNT (which the National Institutes of Health has called "the scientific term for cloning")to produce a new human organism.
"They have been given a license to do therapeutic cloning," Findlay said, adding the scientists are not licensed to reach the fetal stage.
Until now, work on the development of therapeutic cloning has used human eggs from consenting IVF patients, but these are in short supply.
The research, known as therapeutic cloning, is hailed as the next stage in stem cell development.
1, that the finding could eventually streamline therapeutic cloning. In that procedure, researchers make cloned embryos and then harvest stem cells from them for growing specific tissues.
"In the absence of federal support for and oversight of this type of research, CAMR is pleased that institutions like Harvard have taken the necessary steps to ensure that therapeutic cloning research happens in a manner fully consistent with the ethics and scientific standards in place for all research involving human subjects and tissues," CAMR President Sean Tipton said in a statement.
Published by the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (ISCBRM), based at the Centre for Life, it also explains embryonic stem cells and processes such as therapeutic cloning.
From sharpened stones and fire-making tools to therapeutic cloning and optical scanners, author David Stewart hits humanity's high points in breezy, paragraph-sized text blocks accompanied by color illustrations.
Revelations of fraudulent research have delivered a "major blow" to the progress of work on therapeutic cloning and stem cells, a leading British scientist said yesterday.
During that time, 54 different fields of research will receive a total of $185 million from the program, with research into genetically modified crops, sustainable energy, climate change, therapeutic cloning and major diseases.
This raises the possibility of one day growing sperm and eggs artificially for IVF treatment, therapeutic cloning and medical research.
The panel is suggesting a course that bears a striking resemblance to a conservative agenda: an indefinite ban on human cloning, a moratorium on therapeutic cloning, and restrictions on embryonic stem cell research until the federal government can establish "ethically sound policies for the entire field."
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