therapeutic abortion

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a legally induced abortion for medical reasons (as when the mother's life is threatened)

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in deciding the bona fides of a therapeutic abortion and its provider.
Causes for fetal loss in patients with PIH included therapeutic abortion (n = 2, 6.9%) and stillbirth (n = 3, 10.3%).
This case reveals the need to revise the maximum age at which the conduct of a LVIP procedure is allowed in Colombia and the measures that must be taken to ensure the woman undergoes therapeutic abortion and not a preterm birth.
Similarly, in a study conducted in Thailand mean duration of hospital stay following therapeutic abortions was 2.15 +- 1.77 days.24
Had a really safe, reliable abortifacient drug existed," reasoned one AMA doctor, "it would be used for therapeutic abortions," and a study by the New York Birth-Control Clinical Research Bureau found that, indeed, abortifacients failed to induce an abortion 45% of the time (Tolnai 425).
In all patients who underwent therapeutic abortions, this was carried out after recommendation by the surgeon, medical oncologist and gynecologist.
The acceptance of therapeutic abortion law in Iran was the result of a realistic approach to mothers' health.
[paragraph] 3.9 (discussing the exception under Peruvian criminal law for therapeutic abortion and under what circumstances a therapeutic abortion may take place).
We appreciate the additional recommendations regarding a threshold dose for consideration of therapeutic abortion. We did not address this in our article.
Therapeutic abortion of foetuses with the disease is also unlikely to become legal for the same reasons.
Estimate gestational age using national median gestational age by outcome type: Ectopic pregnancy = 8 weeks Spontaneous abortion = 10 weeks Therapeutic abortion = 10 weeks Very preterm live birth = 26 weeks Stillbirth = 28 weeks Preterm live birth = 34 weeks Full-term live birth = 40 weeks ICD-9-CM, International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification; CPT-4, Current Procedural Terminology, Fourth Edition; POC, Products of conception; KPNW, Kaiser Permanente Northwest.
In contrast, among the many factors that upon close examination had no bearing on the risk of postpartum suicide attempts were labor and delivery complications, congenital malformations, Cesarean section, low birth weight, and prior spontaneous or therapeutic abortion, Dr.
A therapeutic abortion includes an abortion performed for the
Under the "therapeutic abortion" reform law that prevailed in the United States until 1973, the disturbed woman, not the healthy one, was allowed an abortion.
Finally, others look at the effect of theology on contemporary issues: Grenada's Lopez Azpitarte looks at the frequent casuistic revisiting of therapeutic abortion to ascertain that a new normative teaching on the subject is being universally acknowledged; Madrid's talented and extraordinarily prolific Julio Martinez explores the role of moral theology in interdisciplinary debates within civic discourse, engaging the works of John Courtney Murray, David Hollenbach, and Marciano Vidal.