theory of punctuated equilibrium

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a theory of evolution holding that evolutionary change in the fossil record came in fits and starts rather than in a steady process of slow change

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Paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould's description of the evolutionary theory of punctuated equilibrium points out that geologically abrupt appearance and subsequent extended stasis of species is a fair description of evolutionary reality.
Study of the fossil record, for example, led the late evolutionary author Stephen Jay Gould to develop the theory of punctuated equilibrium, which posits great leaps forward in evolution in a geologically short time span.
The observation of stasis in the fossil record and the theory of punctuated equilibrium were the main focus of the deliberations.
Gould was an essayist and popularizer of the highest caliber and a pretty good paleontologist, but even were his theory of punctuated equilibrium correct (and this is more of an interpretational issue than anything), it would not be an overthrow of Darwinism but an enrichment.
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