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Synonyms for theory

Synonyms for theory

abstract reasoning

a belief used as the basis for action


something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for theory

References in classic literature ?
Not only the grand features in the structure of barrier-reefs and of atolls, and to their likeness to each other in form, size, and other characters, are explained on the theory of subsidence -- which theory we are independently forced to admit in the very areas in question, from the necessity of finding bases for the corals within the requisite depth -- but many details in structure and exceptional cases can thus also be simply explained.
And as by our theory the areas including atolls and barrier-reefs are subsiding, we ought occasionally to find reefs both dead and submerged.
Again we see, that the areas with the two blue tints are of wide extent; and that they lie separate from extensive lines of coast coloured red, both of which circumstances might naturally have been inferred, on the theory of the nature of the reefs having been governed by the nature of the earth's movement.
I may be permitted to state that my own observations have impressed a conviction of the correctness of the theory of Mr.
Many of them are very grave; but I think that in the discussion light has been thrown on several facts, which on the theory of independent acts of creation are utterly obscure.
On the theory of natural selection we can clearly understand the full meaning of that old canon in natural history, 'Natura non facit saltum.
On my theory, unity of type is explained by unity of descent.
Thus, when we reject the act, which I think we must, we are driven to a theory of memory which is more akin to idealism.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Is entanglement really necessary for describing the physical world, or is it possible to have some post-quantum theory without entanglement?
It is important to understand the origin of theory and how it has evolved within the LSCM discipline, because learning the past helps scholars understand the present and presage the future.
After an overview of nursing theory and its application to professional practice, chapters address philosophies, major theoretical models and theories, and middle-range theories, with background on the theorists, analysis of the theory, and applications.
Readers of research reports probably have noticed some studies explicitly name a theory that guided the research and some do not.
A concluding chapter makes use of all of the above theories to describe public administration theory in its entirety.
Significant critical emphasis is devoted to diversity of humans and environments and the value-perimeter in which professionals create, analyze, and use theory for decisions and activity.
The Trouble With Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next, by Lee Smolin, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 392 pages, $26