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the production or use of theories

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These concerns notwithstanding, Schippers's book contributes fresh insights and rich theorisation into the politics of consensually nonmonogamous intimacies and their problematization within a culture of mononormativity.
These articles make a major contribution to the linkage between the theorisation of enactment and the geographical cultural situated spaces of learning.
The interface between white (male) theorisation and the locating of embedded Africanist performance influences is evident.
Il est dorenavant possible de reproduire fidelement la configuration des relations nouees entre les elements de l'entrevue a la lumiere des liens etablis entre categories et, inversement, afin d'operer ainsi la modelisation qui correspond a la cinquieme operation propre a donner corps a la theorisation capable en dernier lieu de representer l'objet au moyen des categories surgies de l'analyse.
Johnson's greatest contribution in this section is her theorisation of programme brands.
Clement accentue le cote linguistique et interculturel, prenant le bilinguisme et le biculturalisme de l'auteur comme point de depart afin de reperer sa representation et son expression dans les fictions et les descriptions de l'art, ce qui represente une ouverture originale pour la theorisation du sujet.
"I don't want to be affected by this type of theorisation, because that's going away from reality and we're going to take it game by game," he said.
"Maurice Blanchot: de la chronique a la theorisation".
Taking a socio-cultural perspective, an argument is offered for the theorisation of peer to peer learning as a variety of "assisted performance".
In her theorisation of space, Davidson sticks closely to her topic of agoraphobia--both as a diagnosis and a set of bodily sensations.
The final section, 'self-fashioning and vernacular modernism', with essays focusing on diverse locations such as early twentieth-century Peru and the influence of indigenista discourses upon the Cusco avant-garde, and the usages of photography by the Yoruba of West Africa, illustrate Christopher Pinney's theorisation of postcolonial photography's potential for the projection of images to the surface, rendering this 'a site of the refusal of the depth that characterised colonial representational regimes' (p.202).
This last is a theme that re-appears in articles throughout this collection, and is an essential theorisation in correcting erroneous ideas that history and psychoanalysis are unrelated.
Par-dela l'objectif systemique clairement enonce des le sous-titre, a savoir une theorisation de la correspondance intime, cette etude alimente de multiples reflexions.
There is much in this book that is familiar (media, the public sphere, histories of speech and radio), but rarely have I been challenged to look at something from a different perspective based on such convincing argument and theorisation. Throughout, Lacey refers to the idea of opening up new ways of thinking about the reception of mediated texts.
The latter is probably the toughest challenge since it can be developed on the basis of meticulous theorisation in conjunction with intelligent reading of global and local experiences.