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I certainly would agree, and I would add that experienced researchers and theoreticians can use it as a handy reference for day-to-day scholarly activities.
The Communist theoretician was condemned to twenty years' imprisonment in 1926 and died in 1937 after being released, his health broken.
Part one is concerned with the classical social theorists including Marx, Durkheim and Weber but interestingly Lemert also includes an except from the writings of Jane Addams who is seldom regarded as a theoretician. Part II, which spans the first half of the 20th century, contains excerpts from the writings of Keynes, Mead, Merton, Du Bois and Gramsci as well as political and literary figures such as Virginia Woolf, Gandhi and Mao.
You make it yourself." Although certainly competent as a theoretician, Noyce was at heart an experimenter, obsessed with the desire to test his ideas in practice.
Cheney, whose uncompleted master's degree was in political science, is no economics theoretician and has shifted his economic ideology to fit whatever his current political situation might be.
He apprenticed with influential biographer, theoretician, and artist Francisco Pacheco, who later wrote about his student: "After five years of education and training, I married him to my daughter, moved by his virtue, integrity, and good parts and by the expectations of his disposition and great talent" (3).
In this book a leading psychoanalytic clinician and theoretician presents his thoughts on the latest psychodynamic developments and insights related to treatment of severe personality disorders.
There is an architectural cliche that dates at least as far back as the 19th Century French architect and theoretician Violette le Duc, which asserts that all of the various ornamental details we take for granted in classical architectural styles are vestiges of previous functional elements.
During the past ten years, she has become the country's most authoritative theoretician on riding, bringing to it the kind of science-based rationale taken for granted in the coaching of most other sports.
Fourteen papers (plus a concluding tribute from Georges-Emmanuel Clancier), delivered at the 1999 Stavelot conference, focus on Apollinaire as a theoretician of portraiture, as a producer of poetic and fictional portraits and self-portraits, and as the inspiration for visual and literary portraits by his contemporaries.
Adapted from a sexy, sublime short stow by lesbian author and theoretician Monique Wittig (who cowrote the screenplay with Zeig), The Girl concerns the passionate relationships among three women--the Painter (Agathe de la Boulaye), the Girl (Claire Keim), and Bu Save (Sandra N'Kake)--and the man who poses a threat to them all.
Yet ultimately this is inconsequential: Gandhi is duly remembered not as a theoretician but as a man of action and sound practical judgment -- what Aristotle called a phronimos.
Reformist weekly Mobin says: "The hidden hand is ready to sacrifice the theoretician of violence, and it seems the expiration date of the controversial theoretician is over".
A leading theoretician for the Sri Lankan rebel group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has said the group is ready for peace if the government meets certain conditions, the Tamil newspaper Virakesari reported Friday.
Participants worked with a diversity of systems and organisms and ranged from student to expert, theoretician to empiricist, "pure" to "applied" biologist.