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Believers in psycho-physical parallelism hold that psychology can theoretically be freed entirely from all dependence on physiology or physics.
Haldane, who contends that physiology is not theoretically reducible to physics and chemistry.* But the weight of opinion among physiologists appears to be against him on this point; and we ought certainly to require very strong evidence before admitting any such breach of continuity as between living and dead matter.
The plan had, in fact, been many times theoretically laid down by thoughtful students of Southern life.
If any one will here contend that there must have been traits of goodness in old Featherstone, I will not presume to deny this; but I must observe that goodness is of a modest nature, easily discouraged, and when much privacy, elbowed in early life by unabashed vices, is apt to retire into extreme privacy, so that it is more easily believed in by those who construct a selfish old gentleman theoretically, than by those who form the narrower judgments based on his personal acquaintance.
I saw iron ladles, pans full of white sand, files with white metal left glittering in their teeth, molds of plaster of Paris, bags containing the same material in powder, a powerful machine with the name and use of which I was theoretically not unacquainted, white metal in a partially-fused state, bottles of aquafortis, dies scattered over a dresser, crucibles, sandpaper, bars of metal, and edged tools in plenty, of the strangest construction.
In France there are some who maintain that, mathematically, a bird cannot possibly fly; and others who demonstrate theoretically that fishes were never made to live in water."
Summary: Patna (Bihar) [India] August 14 (ANI): 'One election, One nation' is theoretically correct but viably impossible option, said Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday.
Now, theoretically, Mayweather's one year salary can fund several ministries in Kenya.
Senate President Aquilino 'Koko' Pimentel on Monday said it is 'theoretically possible' that candidates of the ruling Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) and the new local political party formed by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio would clash in the 2019 midterm elections.
While tracing ballot papers to their voters is theoretically possible, the process is very tedious and is not worth the effort, the National Patriots Association said today.
The move comes as the company feels the hashed passwords or a series of random- looking characters used by companies for security reasons to protect users can be " theoretically decrypted".
Moses Annual Award for the Most Theoretically Innovative Article" is SHARMH.A LODHIA, for her article "Deconstructing Sita's Blues: Questions of Mis/representation, Cultural Property, and Feminist Critique in Nina Paley's Ramayana," which was published in Volume 41, Number 2 (2015).
Joseph shows how theory and research in positive psychology supports person-centered therapy, and how measurement tools developed by positive psychologists are theoretically consistent with person-centered therapy and can complement and replace traditional symptom-focused measures.
The primary findings were that "Sustamine altered immediately post exercise the phosphorylation state of signaling proteins in a manner that theoretically should reduce muscle protein breakdown, while whey protein accelerated the phosphorylation of proteins in the mTOR-dependent signaling pathway thereby theoretically activating muscle protein synthesis."