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Hass develops her theoretical account of a historically variable structure of perception by means of two, somewhat difficult, terms of art that appear in her title, Blick (view) and Auge (eye), which she uses to refer to basic styles or modes of seeing.
The key tenet of this method is clear: any adequate theoretical account (or explanation or understanding) of any social action, practice, or institution must, in the first instance, capture the way in which that action, practice, or institution is understood by those whose patterns of behaviour and thought constitute the action, practice, or institution.
He points out that no single theoretical account has satisfactorily explained the factors responsible for the remarkable rates of economic growth that have characterized the 19th and 20th centuries and transformed traditional economies in many parts of the world.
The contents are usefully framed by overviews of how "southern identity" has historically been produced: Richard Gray's foreword offers a theoretical account of this process, which Diane Roberts, in her afterword, explores through texts and images.
That is, the technical distinctions between related configurations of transition, tempo, and order do not offer a theoretical account of narrative temporality; rather, they articulate the range of possible sequences and suggest what expressive functions these configurations may have in different contexts.
His command of these materials, his interpretive persuasiveness regarding them, and his theoretical account of them deserve high praise.
The author gives a theoretical account of "the five pillars of Islam," and as a participant-observer for five years, evaluates the related attitudes and conduct of the individual Muslim and the state, and finally analyzes the "tension from within and without" that contemporary Islamic communities experience.
Even here she concedes that Carlyle abandons much of Fichte's theoretical account of transcendental criticism.
While Skinner's (1953, 1957) early analysis provides the basis for a theoretical account of emotions as motivational variables, this account does not appear to have been widely adopted by mainstream behavior analysis.
The relation between the concepts of the subject of apperception, the phenomenal self, and the noumenal self has long puzzled commentators on Kant's theoretical account of the self.
But the most problematic omission in Brown's meticulous study is a sustained theoretical account of how the reading of representational modes in these works contributes to an alternative or enhanced notion of reading or interpretation in general.
John-Steiner, Weber, and Minnis (1998) speak to the need for a theoretical account of collaboration that spans multiple settings.
Brison relies heavily on earlier work on gossip, so in many respects the theoretical account of the topic that she gives us feels familiar.
of Pennsylvania) argues that it is an effort to formulate an original and complete theoretical account of Islamic law.
On the positive side, he provides a theoretical account of moral rationality that is compatible with Hauerwas's work and that enables the reader to decipher many of Hauerwas's cryptic remarks on rationality, moral justification, narrative, and so on.
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