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This approach reflects a broader shift toward qualitative research paradigms within the social sciences, which call upon empirical data to "ground" or otherwise act upon certain theoretical accounts.
Moreover, Siggie suggested, anyone who tried to offer a literary or theoretical account of Auschwitz was little better than an interloper.
That Marx's account of production did not take sufficient theoretical account of this potential of inciting minds to want newly-invented needs can be forgiven, given that his work predates the technological advances capable of most successfully exploiting this potential, specifically those technologies of sound and image able to operate simultaneously on thousands if not millions of minds.
Russell Hardin intends to give an economic theoretical account of such highly relevant, under-researched 'ordinary knowledge'.
With great subtlety and rigor, the purely theoretical account of Part 3 shows how rights are correlated with duties, but how the converse does not necessarily hold (Chapter 11).
I wish Blythe had offered a theoretical account explaining how to 'try to understand how Tolomeo actually thought'.
The speculative connections that she urges often fail to persuade since they do not draw extensively on a diverse array of non-literary forms of evidence even as they do not offer a convincing theoretical account of the dynamics of the theatre and its audience's engagement with sixteenth-century English aristocratic culture.
Three objectives are identified in the introduction of the book: "[providing] a comparative analysis of the emergence and development of Greek and Turkish nationalist projects," "[offering] a critical approach to the established views about the inevitability of the rise" of each nation and "[proposing] a theoretical account of the processes of nation formation" (5).
This understanding eventually boiled down to the need to pay theoretical account to the process of generating meaning in the actual encounter between the theatrical performance and a spectator.
Interesting and enjoyable to read though these various examples are, they are also in the end not central to the argument, which is not a performance history of the play, but an attempt to advance a theoretical account of what the stakes of any performance must be to address the kind of play it is designed to be.
It begins with ethnographic case studies of 'bodies' across two settler colonies, and ends with an historical and theoretical account of discourses of individual freedom and social constraint, which evidence the liberal governance of intimacy and love in such colonies.
In 1999, the major theoretical account of the Systems Theory Framework was published (Patton & McMahon, 1999), with an update and revision published in 2006 (Patton & McMahon, 2006a).
Her methodological approach is to begin with a detailed theoretical account of historical changes in visual perception and then to use this account to bring to light a Buhnenform, or structure of theater, that she calls the "unknown variable" of her study.
The ninth chapter offers a theoretical account and seeks to reframe and conceptualize post-World War II nationalist movements.
Indeed, beyond collecting original data through varied methods (261 individual field interviews, 11 focus group meetings, and a 1144-respondent survey by questionnaire), Dubet has succeeded in providing an empirically grounded theoretical account of the prevailing stances with regard to inequalities at work in contemporary France.
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