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Synonyms for theoretic

existing only in concept and not in reality

concerned primarily with theories rather than practical matters

Synonyms for theoretic

concerned primarily with theories or hypotheses rather than practical considerations


References in classic literature ?
Theoretic kidnappers and slave-drivers, they esteem each man the victim of another, who winds him round his finger by knowing the law of his being; and by such cheap signboards as the color of his beard or the slope of his occiput, reads the inventory of his fortunes and character.
Such were the reflexions of a theoretic Teuton who now walked for the most part amid the ashes of his prejudices.
She said under training officers were getting theoretic knowledge from the institute and for their practical knowledge such study tours were being arranged regularly.
3) Model theoretic asymptotic limits lead to measure and dimension theories, with associated dependence theories, that resemble known structures from stability theory but do not lie within the stable realm or its current extensions.
They systematically evaluated the effect of an active eavesdropper by applying game theoretic tools [5].
Shultz, "Information theoretic competitive learning and linguistic rule acquisition," Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, vol.
A Study of the Turkish Automobile Industry: A Game Theoretic Approach.
The ceremony included a briefing about the course theoretic subjects and practical applications.
The special session on wavelet and frame theoretic methods in harmonic analysis and partial differential equations was held in Rochester, New York in September 2012.
Tatjana Popovska comments for Utrinski Vesnik that the last two days, in which there is at least a theoretic chance, to find a solution to the political impasse and avoid having Macedonia enter the biggest conflict after the one of 2001, are beginning to be spent.
Detecting Network Intrusions via Sampling: A Game Theoretic Approach.
The programme is to offer youngsters an opportunity to not only receive both practical and theoretic training, but also the opportunity to receive permanent employment after the two year training is complete.
The Insufficiency of the Theoretic in the Conduct of Schooling
Specific topics include the Hodge theoretic fundamental group and its cohomology, the real regulator for a self-product of a general suface, Lipschitz cocycles and the Poincare duality, zero-cycles on algebraic tori, motives associated to sums of graphs, and double shuffle relations and renormalizations of multiple zeta values.
In reviewing total cost concepts, Baumol and Vinod (1970) developed their inventory theoretic model that traded transportation off against inventory holding thus providing two key variables in offshore sourcing.