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a visible (but not necessarily material) manifestation of a deity to a human person

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Theophanous comments enraged MPs who wondered how the Legal Service did not spot the constitutional conflict, with opposition MPs wondering whether the government had purposely ignored the fact that the bill was in violation with the laws.
The goal gave Woking renewed vigour and Dunn used his face to deny a shot by Theophanous on the right.
(36) (1994) 182 CLR 104, 133, 138 (Mason CJ, Toohey and Gaudron JJ) ('Theophanous').
But St Albans were not done: Theophanous got another wonder goal, but it was too late and Carlisle go into tonight's second-round draw a relieved side.
As Schillebeeckx wrote in 1966, secularization is the movement from a theophanous world to a hominized world; nature now bears "the traces, not of God, but of man.'" (42) Through science and technology, the human person no longer bowed before the mysterious forces of nature but had come rather to dominate and control nature.
Louie Theophanous was the solitary scorer for St Albans.
Secretary Anthony Theophanous said that in its 1980s heyday the club had hundreds of members, with many more hopefuls on a long waiting list.
(60) See Andreas Theophanous, The Cyprus Question and the EU: The Challenge and the Promise, Intercollege Press, 2004.
Alex Theophanous, co-owner of online children's store, which helped organise the event, said: "There is a huge market for kids' fashion."
Andreas Theophanous, ( director of the Center for European and International Affairs at the University of Nicosia , said he believes the government will try to avoid the bank levy, but it is not necessarily a foregone conclusion.
v Commonwealth (1992), 177 CLR 106, 137-38 (Austl.) [ACTV] (Mason, C.J.); Theophanous v Herald & Weekly Times Ltd.
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High Honors: Edmund Brose, Rachel Brutvan, Nicholas Cyganski, Michael Ferguson, Brynn Jackel, Aria Killough-Miller, Nicita Mehta, Mackenzie Melemed, Zohaib Moonis, Eni Nano, Nimisha Patil, Antony-Alexander Robotis, Riley Smith, and Anastasia Theophanous.