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Synonyms for theologize

treat from a theological viewpoint or render theological in character

make theoretical speculations about theology or discuss theological subjects

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it is hoped that Dalit women's theologizing will irk, worry, disturb and bother mainstream theology.
Also, I will discuss how dialogic theologizing is an effective strategy for tackling the perennial issues of a globally shared Christian theological identity.
Paul's theologizing of his suffering for the sake of the gospel has been poorly preached in an effort to keep suffering people quiet and oppressed people in their place.
Although a professional theologian makes a career out of doing theology (usually in colleges and universities), all believers spend a certain amount of time theologizing whenever we ponder the great questions of life's meaning within the context of faith.
Some of the theologizing may be lost on the uninitiated.
This lack of precision can be found throughout anthropology and is certainly not unique to these books, but it does preclude coherent theologizing about the concept.
In the main, this theologizing does not detract from his love for classical scholarship or his meditations on myth.
Theologizing About Film: On Reversing the Hermeneutical Flow.
She suggests reconfiguring Christian theologizing about music from an emphasis on disembodied abstraction, mathematics, purity, and metaphysics to a more incarnational, sexual, and sensual focus on music's "messy fluidity and our innate porosity" (149, emphasis in the original).
15 In large part, to respond to coloniality practically will mean a critical reception of marginalized theologizing.
Christian theologizing, he argues, should similarly move to an iconocentric perspective of God and the world.
Using Gordon Kaufman's definition of theologizing as a point of departure, Higginbotham further contended that "the act of theologizing was not limited to formally-trained male clergy.
Or "The Lifeguard" high on his perch, simultaneously theologizing and desiring the varieties of sun worshipping flesh spread out beneath him.
These sections focus two dimensions of the theologizing that enabled Yoder to say that the schism "did not have to be.
Rather, Henry comes over as something of a chump: posturing, bullying, theologizing, and ultimately failing.