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Synonyms for theologize

treat from a theological viewpoint or render theological in character

make theoretical speculations about theology or discuss theological subjects

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Oxford professor William Sanday critiqued Adolf von Harnack's Das Wesen des Christentums in 1901 as being too restricted to the synoptics and not giving due attention to the theologized Christ of John and Paul, much less to the subsequent church's accretions, liturgical and dogmatic, to the Christ of faith.
Godfrey both borrowed from Thomas and Henry and reacted against them; he theologized Aristotle still further by adding Bernard of Clairvaux's doctrine of the love of God to the mix.
Rather, [it] is a way of reading that attempts to break out of the hermeneutic guidelines that Dante has structured into his poem, hermeneutic guidelines that result in theologized readings whose outcomes have been overdetermined by the author" (17).
Schrader thinks late wisdom theologized the idea of discipline as the deity's way of building character.
In the Apologia, in order to cope with his own challenge, Newman returned to the writings of those early Christian writers who had theologized not about the use of condoms but about the divinity of Christ.
These were theologians who studied on their knees and theologized with love, who were mystics and often poets, who found their inspiration in prayer and liturgy.
It's not about whether Catholic politicians can own slaves or vote to maintain segregation, an issue about which the church once theologized so adroitly.