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Synonyms for theologize

treat from a theological viewpoint or render theological in character

make theoretical speculations about theology or discuss theological subjects

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26) Some means of taking account of converts and theologians who theologize about asymmetrical-type experiences of conversion are needed.
It is easier to rationally theologize when one is not victimized.
More recently, theologians have become more intentional about the social and cultural contexts within which they theologize.
Jesus gave us the Eucharist to do, not a command to theologize about it.
Studebaker, a Pentecostal Christian, believes he should not be satisfied to leave his personal experience of the Spirit and that of his fellow Pentecostals something to be quiet about but something to theologize about.
In outlining the context within which Asian American Christians theologize, the author gives a rather detailed account of the cultural, the historical, and especially the legal factors that conditioned the various waves of Asians coming to America.
Those dichotomies, Hobgood-Oster argues in her final chapter, come through even in some of the theological endeavors that try to wrestle with them, most prominently perhaps in the case of Christian hunters who theologize about showing mercy to animals slaughtered rather than thinking about animal rights or a symbiotic relationship among all creatures.
8) How, then, in terms of theological method, could the authors of the Confession theologize their environmental concerns?
However, the author remains reserved toward what he perceives as Lowith's tendency to theologize Heidegger's mode of expression (compare to p.
With Metz, I use the word "revisioning," nevertheless, because, once the priority of the ethical relationship is reestablished, the call to theologize in a systematic manner reasserts itself.
Third, some authors assert that their modern philosophical presuppositions had already anticipated postmodern themes, but this Jacques-come-lately approach leads to an unresolved tension: While the doctrinal chapters acknowledge the inevitable presence of postmodernity and work from there, the methodology section appears to theologize in spite of postmodernity in an effort to overcome it.
Hwang in 1968, modeled the process and became a seminal work toward formalizing contextualization as a way to theologize about the church in culture.
As such, this article exemplifies how theologians can self-consciously theologize about the immanent and transcendent power of the Christian myth to work in and through historical events to foster what the Creator God desires for all humanity: liberation from sin, oppression, and death.
58), and the way he uses the Heideggerian expression "openness to Being" seems to theologize Heidegger's project, suggesting that the person open to Being could receive revelations of sorts from some mysterious entity.