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the start of breast development in a woman at the beginning of puberty

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Premature thelarche is the onset of female breast development prior to the age of 8 yrs.
Results: Fifty one patients with idiopathic central precocious puberty and 36 patients with premature thelarche were included in the study.
four cases of premature Many details of the study thelarche and raised are unavailable (Nikolov oestrodial levels in chil- 1951) Via (National Lib- dren who had received F.
However, preadolescent girls were different in that they had significantly earlier pubarche and thelarche than did adolescent girls with PCOS, and the disorder developed much sooner after thelarche in the younger girls, they said.
We recommend that pediatricians as certain risk for PCOS in their patients, including maternal factors, family history, birth weight, metabolic factors, and history of premature pubarche and/or early thelarche," Dr.
Major Finding: Preadolescent girls (aged 9-12) can develop PCOS, and physicians should suspect the disorder in girls with early-onset pubarche or thelarche as well as those with traditional risk factors including hyperinsulinemia and a family history of PCOS.
Thelarche, or the start of breast development, usually begins between the ages of nine to ten years of age.
The relative timing of thelarche and adrenarche may differentially determine the onset of menarche (Biro et al.
The average age of breast budding for African American girls is just under 9 years, with a significant percentage of thelarche development before age 8.
Fifty percent of white girls in the United States now show signs of breast budding before their 10th birthday with as many as 14% showing breast development by the age of 8; average age of breast budding for black girls in the United States is just under 9 years of age with a significant percentage of thelarche development before age 8.
The commonly used markers of the timing of female puberty are thelarche and menarche.
Women with mullerian agenesis have normal 46XX chromosomes, normal external genitalia, normal ovarian function, and normal thelarche and pubarche.
Consumption of chicken raised on such hormones was no higher in families with girls experiencing premature thelarche than in those where girls developed normally.
Typically, menarche occurs from 1 to 5 years after thelarche (Burns, Barber, Brady, & Dunn, 1996).