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the doctrine or belief in the existence of a God or gods

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These five parts can be separated into two categories, which discuss the development of the content of open theism and the impact of its contentions on Biblical Truth.
The author equates a positive worldview with ignorance and irrationality rooted in theism, deism, and pantheism.
This up-to-date version of process theism deserves a fresh look.
However, when necessary to support his arguments on this and other points, he repeatedly changes the definition of what theism is to fit the scientific principles.
Nagasawa first examines Patrick Grim's argument against traditional theism from knowledge de se.
Nielsen contends that none of the positive arguments for the rationality of theism and/or Christian theism make any headway.
But this should not come as a surprise once it is realized that the significant developments in philosophical theism historically have come upon the heels of breakthroughs in the core areas of philosophy, concerning meaning, knowledge, logic, and scientific methodology, which supposedly are the bailiwick of analytic philosophy Philosophy is just like the fashion industry This year the hems are short, next year they'll be long.
PDP-Laban's ideology is based on its guiding principles of theism, humanism, enlightened nationalism, democratic socialism, consultative and participatory democracy and federalism.
The topics include why the Big Bang singularity does not help the Kalam cosmological argument for theism, non-singular spacetimes and the beginning of the universe, a dying universe: the long-term fate and evolution of astrophysical objects, how the generalized Second Law implies a quantum singularity theorem, and libertarian agency and the Craig/GrAaAeAeAEnbaum debate about the theistic explanation of t initial singularity.
Robert Nelson offers us a brilliant, refreshingly written, well-informed case for theism.
Like democratic theism, the religion of self-interest will purport to begin with "objective fact.
One of the issues debated in the field of Egyptology is the nature of the theism of the religion of ancient Egypt.
The first set of ten topics is what one expects in philosophy of religion, such as cosmological and ontological arguments, theodicy, and evolutionary concepts and theism.
Instead, a period of Pure Theism occurred where Hayes took one step out of atheism towards the second step: Christ.